Hails & Fails – April 28th 2023

While the nation prepares to crown a new king and any consumer of media might be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing else going on this week, PR campaigns have nevertheless given us some stonking stories fit for a king this week.

Iconic toy manufacturer Mattel has released a new, empathetic Barbie doll, Brazen client Sea Life launched a bid to help a wobbly penguin and taxi firm Uber gave us a royal ride.

It was a terrible week for sauce brand Dolmio however, as their brand logo change was not received well by fans


Barbie releases first-ever doll with Down's syndrome

Toy manufacturer Mattel has introduced the first ever Barbie with Down’s syndrome.

The new doll joins other Barbies who have been added to the toy range in recent years including a Barbie with a hearing aid, one with a prosthetic limb and another in a wheelchair.

Mattel says it wants ‘all children to see themselves in Barbie’ while also giving kids the chance to ‘play with dolls who do not look like themselves’.

The firm hopes the new Barbie will help ‘teach understanding and build a greater sense of empathy, leading to a more accepting world’.

Tonnes of coverage for the story this week across the globe.

Barbie releases first-ever doll with Down's syndrome

Wobbly penguin becomes the first in the world to have an MRI scan

A penguin who can’t stop wobbling has become the first in the world to have an MRI scan.

Chaka, a Fairy Penguin, who is based at Sea Life in Weymouth – a Brazen client – has suffered from balance issues when he waddles – and so, he was booked for the MRI scan at a Veterinary Specialists.

The scan went well, happily showing nothing of concern for Chaka.

So, while he may sometimes experience a little ‘wobble in his waddle’, he is perfectly healthy and lives a full life, feeding and interacting normally with his fellow penguins.

The heart-warming tale has enjoyed massive media coverage this week, including hits right across the world.

Wobbly penguin becomes the first in the world to have an MRI scan

An Uber fit for a king

Coronation fans can get into the spirit by booking an Uber ride with a difference – a horse-drawn carriage that looks for all the world like King Charles’ carriage for the day he is crowned.

The Coronation carriage will operate from May 3 to May 5 at Dulwich Park in south London and slots will be available to book via the Uber app.

There will be four white horses pulling the carriage and all will be dressed up in suitable regal attire.

The carriage has been lovingly created using designs from previous royal carriages for inspiration.

A brilliant creative stunt that has rightly won media coverage everywhere this week.

An Uber fit for a king


Dolmio gets saucy with its logo...and instantly regrets it

Famous pasta sauce brand Dolmio has announced a logo rebrand, with many fans saying they’re worried they won’t be able to ‘recognise it’ in the supermarket.

The new rebrand, which features a “dynamic and playful visual identity” complete with a fresh, new logo has seen the ‘i’ in the logo replaced with an exclamation mark featuring a standout red dot, which is supposed to express the “joy and exuberance Dolmio brings to the Italian sauce category”.

But fans have taken to social media in droves to express dismay at the logo change…

Dolmio gets saucy with its logo...and instantly regrets it

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