Hails & Fails – April 29th 2022

We’re on the cusp of May and fabulous PR campaigns just keep stacking up. This week Heinz gave us new jubilee names for two iconic sauces, Uber gave us a new travel service for pets and Burger King launched eco food boxes. It was a week to forget for Samsung though, after their new TV advert was branded ‘unrealistic’ and saw a backlash from women’s groups.


Salad Cream and HP Sauce rebranded for the Jubilee

HP Sauce and Salad Cream are getting a royal makeover to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The two iconic sauces will be available in limited-edition bottles labelled “HM Sauce” and “Heinz Salad Queen” in honour of the Queen’s 70th year on the throne.

Food giant Heinz says the newly jubilee-branded sauces will appear on supermarket shelves from this week.

Tonnes of coverage too, as you’d expect for two staples of British dinner tables.

Salad Cream and HP Sauce rebranded for the Jubilee

Uber for pets is here

Uber has introduced a new service which allows passengers to book their trips alongside their beloved pets.

The app firm has said that the new service will be available in the UK from Tuesday next week and adds that fares for Uber Pet journeys will include a surcharge of £3.20 in London and £2 outside the capital. 

Customers will now be matched with drivers who are eligible and willing to transport people with their pets. Passengers travelling with a service animal can continue to use the regular Uber option.

Uber for pets is here

Burger King ups eco-credentials by launching reusable containers

Burger King is the first UK fast food giant to launch returnable and reusable packaging.

The company is trialling clamshell-style containers and cups that can be returned to outlets via special bins. The items will be professionally cleaned to allow them to be reused.

Bosses hope the initiative could provide a major breakthrough against fast food package littering.

If successful, the trial – currently at five restaurants in Ipswich and Newmarket – could see returnable and reusable packaging used more widely across the UK.

Burger King ups eco-credentials by launching reusable containers


Samsung’s new TV ad branded ‘tone deaf’ by women runners

Samsung’s new TV advert has been criticised by women’s running groups and safety campaigners for being “unrealistic”.

The advert – for the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds – focuses on a young woman getting up at 2am for a run through the streets of a city alone. Samsung says the aim was to show runners working to their own schedules.

But, women’s safety group ‘Reclaim These Streets’ has described it as “tone deaf” in light of the death of Ashling Murphy who was killed on a run in January.

Esther Newman, editor of ‘Women’s Running’ magazine also said: “Women don’t run at that time because we are too scared to.”

Samsung’s new TV ad branded ‘tone deaf’ by women runners

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