Hails & Fails – August 11th 2023

With penalty shoot outs, dramatic exits and show-stopping goals, the first stage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup knock-outs have definitely delivered… and it’s only just begun!

So, as we head into the quarter-finals, let’s have a quick breather to enjoy some quality PR performances from brands that have played some absolute blinders!

Starting with Heinz making the entire nation drool with a dream collab, Disney showing the world how birthday celebrations are done and Brazen’s very own Dr. Beckmann with the biggest and best laundry hack. Elsewhere The Daily Mail blundered with a false headline.


It has to be… Morley’s

South London’s pride and joy – Morley’s fried chicken – has partnered with condiment giant Heinz to create a limited-edition fried chicken sauce made entirely from the chicken shop’s very own recipe.

The sauce is currently starring in an exclusive menu by London’s The Standard hotel which includes classics such as the Morley’s classic combo meal, cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, waffles plus some new fancier options like chicken drumsticks with caviar and a 20 wing tower – all drenched in the Morley’s x Heinz Fried Chicken Sauce of course.

Heartbreakingly, the sauce will only be available for the length of the pop-up – August 7th until September 3rd. *stops typing to book tickets immediately*

It has to be… Morley’s

Where dreams really do come true!

Disney is turning 100! And to celebrate they have been creating ‘100 years of Wonder’ through a host of different Disney-inspired pieces. And their latest creation has left the Brazen office swooning!

Partnering with luxury crystal brand Swarovski, the brand has lived up to it’s “where dreams come true” tagline by bringing to life, arguably, the most famous shoe in the world – Cinderella’s glass slipper.

Created from the finest solid Aurora Borealis crystal, the shoe reportedly took eight technicians 150 hours to make in the Austrain Alps at the brand’s HQ. The crystal used even possesses unique reflective properties which help it radiate a Disney-esque shimmer.

While we’re not sure we’d actually want to wear it (blisters, much?), we can’t get over how beautiful it is. This is why we love PR!

The slipper will be auctioned off at the end of the year along with other ‘Disney100’ magical creations with all proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Where dreams really do come true!

Magic hour at Brazen

When the Brazen office learnt that the time of day you wash your clothes can drastically affect how much it costs you, we knew we needed a simple idea to educate as many Brits as we could on a new and better way to wash during this cost-of-living-crisis.

So, we came up with ‘The Magic Hour’: a name for 7-8am, the time of day which has been proven to be the optimum time to wash your clothes to keep energy bills low.

Working with long-term client and laundry expert Dr. Beckmann, we commissioned a survey that revealed a staggering 85 per cent of us are doing our washing during the most expensive time of day when energy bills are at their highest and worked with our money-savvy influencers to introduce ‘The Magic Hour’.

The idea got Dr. Beckmann widespread news coverage in The Mirror, The Express and the Daily Record, which is what Brazen do best.

Magic hour at Brazen


The name’s Bond’s Brother… James Bond’s Brother

The Daily Mail newspaper wrongly reported that actor Damson Idris is the younger brother of actor Idris Elba with a headline that read, “Could Idris Elba’s younger brother Damson be the next James Bond?”.

Elba, who is tipped to replace Daniel Craig as 007, was soon tagged in a sarcastic retweet from journalist Omid Scobie, “Didn’t realise Damson Idris was “your younger brother””.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened, with Idris, who is set to star in Brad Pitt’s upcoming Formula One film, previously stating that many other people mistakenly think they’re siblings.

The Brazen Newsroom can’t help but squeam at this one.

The name’s Bond’s Brother… James Bond’s Brother

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