Hails & Fails – August 13th 2021

It is Friday 13th! We’re all staying inside…But, as we prepare for the big football season kick off this weekend, there’s been some premier league standard PR campaigns to marvel at this week. FandomSpot.com advertised the best job of ther summer, KFC announced hotel plans and ASDA gave us candy cane sausage rolls for Christmas. It was a terrible week for The Ivy Asia though, after its Chelsea restaurant was was accused of being culturally insensitive.


Get Paid £3,500 To Binge Watch Love Island

Online platform FandomSpot.com is looking to pay one person to binge watch Love Island and create content for their website.

The successful applicant will get paid a very nice £3,599 for all their hard work.

The job title is “Love Island Investigator and Editor”, requires zero qualifications but is “best suited for someone who is a show superfan”. If you know your “moving mad” from your “mugged off” then this could be your shot. Tonnes of coverage, as you’d expect.

Get Paid £3,500 To Binge Watch Love Island

KFC announces hotel launch, with a difference

KFC has announced plans to open a pop-up hotel in London.. with its own “Press for Chicken” button that will enable guests to order the fast food company’s famous fried chicken in just seconds.

The hotel will be called House of Harland after KFC’s brand mascot, Colonel Harland David Sanders, and will offer one-night stays as soon as it opens its doors on 18 August.

The hotel will remain open for 11 days and the rooms will all be themed around fried chicken.

Tonnes of finger lickin’ coverage has followed.

KFC announces hotel launch, with a difference

Asda launches Christmas menu including candy cane sausage rolls

Asda, has launched its Christmas menu and it means shoppers will be able to get their hands on candy cane sausage rolls and a cake shaped like a bauble.

This sausage roll is sage and onion flavour and while it doesn’t taste like candy cane it’s shaped like one – guaranteed to look great on the Christmas table. The sausage roll comes with a flaky pastry, topped with a crunchy sprinkle.

The supermarket has also released a show-stopper Christmas dessert in the shape of a bauble. Hand-moulded with a Belgian dark chocolate shell with gold lustre, the cake is filled with layers of fresh orange curd, chocolate sponge, blood orange caramel, and chocolate mousse.

Yummy food and even yummier coverage to boot!

Asda launches Christmas menu including candy cane sausage rolls


Chelsea's Ivy Asia restaurant apologises for 'culturally insensitive' advert

The Ivy Asia in Chelsea has had to apologise for a “culturally insensitive” ad campaign.

The restaurant posted a video on social media which featured women dressed as geishas being pulled in a rickshaw to the restaurant.

Acclaimed food writer Jay Rayner, described the ad  as “premeditated racist stereotyping” and many others were outraged at the ad. The Ivy deleted the video, said it was sorry and promised an internal review.

In the advert, women dressed as geishas struggle to get into a rickshaw being pulled by an elderly Asian man. It tips over and they are saved by a martial arts-type figure labelled “the hero”, who uses superhuman strength to propel them to the restaurant.

It hasn’t ended well, with an embarrassing climb-down by the restaurant group. 

Chelsea's Ivy Asia restaurant apologises for 'culturally insensitive' advert

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