Hails & Fails – August 18th 2023

With A level results splitting much of the nation into either celebrators or commiserators, it has been a week of very real highs and lows. And so it was with PR campaigns – lots of winners, some losers. Taco Bell is celebrating hard (and soft), EasyJet made family holidays more bearable and Tesla made every cat’s dream come true. For Disney though, it has been a week the film giant will want to forget.


Did someone say free tacos?

Taco Bell has won a ‘Taco Tuesday’ trademarking war and is celebrating with, you guessed it, free tacos.
‘Taco Tuesday’ has become a weekly part of our vocabulary, but back in May, the fast food giant decided to protest, saying it should be free to use by “all who make, sell, eat and celebrate tacos”.

In celebration of the trademark win, the brand has started a $5 million taco tab to cover any and all orders from participating vendors selling tacos, both soft and hard shell, to spotlight and support local and small taco businesses.

We know what we’re having for lunch today!

Did someone say free tacos?

Tesla purr-fection for cats

Tesla has created what we think is the purr-fect idea: a cardboard cat house inspired by the design of the Tesla Cybertruck.The cardboard home is made up of five layers of corrugated cardboard and comes with an integrated scratching board and moisture-proofed cardboard. It is part of the Tesla Life collection – a range of lifestyle products, ranging from drinkware and outdoor sports accessories to pet products and apparel.

Turns out Elon Musk is a cat person!

Tesla purr-fection for cats

Being a dad is EasyJet

EasyJet Holidays has created the world’s first in-hotel ‘Dad’s Club’ in the Spanish tourist hotspot of Benalmádena.  

The club was launched in response to a study of 1,000 British teenagers that revealed over half agree that their dads regularly embarrass them on family holidays. 

Activities include synchronised dad dancing, frisbee mastery, a fashion show, joke workshops and air guitar tuition, with graduating dads receiving a certificate to prove they have mastered the art of keeping it cool.  

The club opens its doors on 24th August at Hotel World Polynesia.

Dad, are you reading this?

Being a dad is EasyJet


Snow Woke and the storm of drama

Rachel Zegler, the actress cast as the new Snow White, has been labelled as a “walking PR disaster” after managing to create massive fan backlash around the Disney movie she’s set to star in next year.

She did a disastrous media interview for the new Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs remake in which she says she hated the original movie, explaining she only watched it once – leaving fans angry and questioning why she even took the role in the first place.

The movie, directed by Mark Webbas and written by Barbie director Greta Gerwig, is due to be released on March 22nd 2024.

Snow Woke and the storm of drama

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