Hails & Fails – August 19th 2022

The rain is back and in the world of PR there were some seriously fluid campaigns this week. Captain Birds Eye went topless, Aldi gave employees a cost-of-living hand-out and Nationwide also offered a helping hand to employees struggling with bills. It was a terrible week for rapper Aitch though as his album advert caused outrage when it covered up an icon.


Captain Birds Eye Goes Topless

Captain Birds Eye, the warm, welcoming face of the frozen seafood brand, has gone topless to model the brand’s first ever swimwear line.

Taking to TikTok to announce the news, Birds Eye posted the Captain wearing its new range on the beach.

In varying angles and shots, the Captain can be seen taking off his sailor’s hat and pointing at the camera.

The limited-edition unisex swimwear range is made from entirely sustainably sourced materials.

Loads of media coverage, as you’d expect from such an icon.

Captain Birds Eye Goes Topless

Aldi Gives UK Warehouse Workers Second Pay Rise in a Year

Aldi is giving warehouse workers their second pay rise in a year, a 6% rise for most staff next month.

The UK’s fifth largest grocer said the majority of its warehouse workers, known as selectors, would now earn a minimum of £12.66 an hour, up from £11.95 at present after an increase from £11.48 in January. 

In total, 4,200 staff will benefit from the pay rise as companies battle to attract enough warehouse staff amid an increase in home deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic.

Media jumped on the deal for headlines as their cost-of-living coverage remains a priority.

Aldi Gives UK Warehouse Workers Second Pay Rise in a Year

Nationwide offers 11,000 Workers a £1,200 Bonus to Help With Bills

Nationwide is offering one-off bonuses and pay rises to help with bills and retain talent amid a shortage of staff in the labour market.

The building society said that it will pay them each a £1,200 bonus as inflation shoots towards 10% and household bills inch closer to £5,000.

It follows companies including Barratt, Taylor Wimpey, Lloyds, Rolls-Royce, and HSBC that have made similar payments in a bid to help ease the cost of living crisis many are facing.

The money will be paid in two £600 instalments – one in October and one in December.

Nationwide offers 11,000 Workers a £1,200 Bonus to Help With Bills


Will Love Tear Aitch Apart?

The rapper Aitch has vowed to make things right after an iconic mural of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis was painted over to promote his new album.

The artwork of the late singer, located in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, was replaced with an advert for Aitch’s debut album ‘Close To Home’, set to be released on 19 August.

But the Manchester-born rapper, 22, has since came out and said he knew nothing about it and that he would never “disrespect a local hero like Ian”.

Ian Curtis, the frontman for the legendary Manchester band Joy Division, took his own life in May 1980 and is a music icon in his home city.

The mural paid tribute to Ian’s life and music career since 2020, when it was painted by the street artist Akse P19 for the mental health festival Headstock.

Will Love Tear Aitch Apart?

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