Hails & Fails – December 15th 2023

It was a WOW week for PR with some seriously smart ideas winning fame for brands, even as the industry starts to wind down and get ready for Christmas movie marathons…

Aldi convinced the world it was a star’s supermarket of choice, Google celebrated 25 years of searches and charity Soup Kitchen gave us all food for thought. While Zara shocked the world with incredible insensitivity.



Supermodel Kate Moss was spotted shopping in Aldi hours before Chanel’s fashion show in Manchester… or was she?

Photos of the supermodel holding an Aldi bag for life was viral for days, with the internet and media fully convinced the star was up north (we even mentioned it in last week’s Hails & Fails!)

But the entire thing was a genius PR stunt designed to give the bargain supermarket some of the spotlight!



Google gets nostalgic

To celebrate 25 years of the search engine that has shaped our digital world, Google has released a moving video celebrating the most searched topics, people and events from the last 25 years.

From Pokémon to 9/11, to Taylor Swift and Black Lives Matter, the video is a true rollercoaster of emotion and evolution.

If this year’s John Lewis’s Christmas advert didn’t make you cry, give the video a watch…

Google gets nostalgic

Soup Kitchen serves Christmas dinner

Charity Soup Kitchen created a powerful photography series of the makeshift Christmas meals homeless people have eaten.

The striking images are simple in their message: that for many people across the UK, Christmas doesn’t mean a home-cooked meal with all the trimmings.

With all meals featured based on real-life experiences from regulars at Soup Kitchen London, we adore this idea and it’s simple execution.

Soup Kitchen serves Christmas dinner


Fast-fashion brand launch distasteful campaign

Fashion brand Zara faced major backlash and a nationwide boycott threat after their latest campaign featured photos resembling the destruction of war-torn Gaza.

The insensitive photos feature mannequins with missing limbs, wrapped in white cloth and a model in a wooden box surrounded by rubble.

The retailer, which has now removed the photos following days of online outrage, has tried to explain that the campaign was “conceived in July and photographed in September”.

How the campaign still went live is truly beyond us here at Brazen.

Fast-fashion brand launch distasteful campaign

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