Hails & Fails – February 16th 2024

Valentine’s Day might be over for another year, but the Valentine’s Day themed PR campaigns didn’t stop coming…

Underwear brand Lounge won fame for thinking outside the box bouquet, hygiene brand Kotex made destigmatising sexy and while not a Valentine’s Day campaign, Burger King gave its loyal customers a reason to love them even more. A hellish week for airline Delta however thanks to a passenger’s baffling baggage.


Valentine’s Day with Lounge

British underwear brand Lounge launched lingerie bouquets – bouquets of “roses” made entirely of Lounge thongs!

Carefully arranged by hand, the bouquets come in six different colours including red, pink, white, blue, purple and black.

So simple, but so clever. Bra-vo!

Valentine’s Day with Lounge

Let’s have period sex!

Almost 40% of women would not have sex on Valentine’s Day if they had their period and only 50% are comfortable talking about period sex – so feminine hygiene brand Kotex did something about it and created a limited-edition chocolate box containing pads and shatavari infused truffles (shatavari is a rejuvenating herb known for balancing a woman’s hormones during her menstrual cycle – we had to Google it, too!)

The ‘Let’s Have Period Sex’ campaign aims to normalise period sex and destigmatize the deed.

Let’s have period sex!

Customers get creative

While not a Valentine’s Day campaign, we couldn’t not include Burger King’s announcement of it’s Million Dollar Whopper Contest that gives customers a chance to dream up their perfect Whopper to be served at Burger King’s nationwide – not to mention the $1.million prize money!

With the help of AI, creative customers can design their burgers digitally.

Three finalists will then be flown to Burger King’s Miami HQ for a competitive taste test where fast-food lovers will vote for their favourite burger.

*schedules a burger brainstorm”

Customers get creative


Flight of horrors

A Delta flight was forced to make a U-turn when maggots began falling onto passengers from an overhead compartment.

The almost unbelievable incident occurred about an hour into a nine-hour trip from Amsterdam to Detroit, with passengers heading to X to express their horror and disbelief, “Really lovely to be two hours into an eight-hour Delta flight to find out there is rotten fish and maggots hitching a ride with us”.

It has now been confirmed that a passenger had boarded with a bag of rotten fish.

No words.

Flight of horrors

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