Hails & Fails – February 17th 2023

In a week when media coverage was dominated by the departure of Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, there was still room for some hugely engaging PR campaigns to cut-through the noise.

Supermarket Lidl launched a ‘middle aisle’ runway for London Fashion Week, LEGO gave us a newly representative set of children’s toys, and Rihanna’s Fenty beauty brand went viral thanks to the Superbowl. It was a terrible week for McDonald’s though after their badly positioned advert caused outrage with Cornish mourners.


Lidl gives us Checkout Couture

Inspired by London Fashion Week, supermarket Lidl has showcased its middle aisle bargains as quirky accessories for catwalk outfits.

Its fun new marketing campaign sees a rope transformed into a handbag and saucepans used as necklaces, turning the famous ‘middle aisle’ into a LFW runway. The supermarket has even made a must-have accessory of an air fryer and, has one model posing in Harry Potter inspired bedsheets which have been made into an asymmetrical dress, complete with a rope bag accessory.

Super fun campaign and, as a result, tonnes of coverage with the supermarket at the heart of the conversation.

Lidl gives us Checkout Couture

LEGO launches Friends Universe, complete with a diverse range of characters

From characters with limb differences to Friends navigating ADHD and anxiety, LEGO’s new range of Friends Universe products are a big departure from a standard children’s toy range.

The first set of products launched along with a 44-minute special episode of its LEGO Friends YouTube Series this week.And Between the eight new Friends, the product line introduces an array of physical and mental traits, complex emotions, and unique cultural backgrounds.

“The relaunch answers a call for change that real kids desire to see in their toys and the content they watch. New characters feel, express, and acknowledge a range of emotions similar to those of today’s kids, helping them relate to and explore their mental well-being through play,” a LEGO spokesman said.

It’s a brave and bold move…and already winning acclaim.

LEGO launches Friends Universe, complete with a diverse range of characters

Rihanna’s Superbowl appearance causes huge sales spike for Fenty

The world is still talking about Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show last weekend, but it’s the major impact it has had on her beauty brand that is the real eye-opener.

Those watching her performance can not fail to have noticed the moment Rihanna paused to touch up her make up with one of her Fenty Beauty products.

And wow! It certainly had an impact.

After the iconic halftime show – Rihanna’s first live performance in seven years – searches for Fenty Beauty went up by a whopping 833% according to Cosmetics Business. And according to exprts, Fenty Beauty’s Media Impact Value soared by £4.6m just 12 hours after her appearance.

Rihanna’s Superbowl appearance causes huge sales spike for Fenty


McDonald’s advert fail outrages mourners

A “tasteless” McDonald’s advertisement for the McCrispy burger was installed directly opposite a crematorium, causing outrage this week.

The burger ad on the A30 by Penmount Crematorium in Truro, Cornwall, was lambasted by thousands online after a local newspaper highlighted it.

McDonald’s has now removed the ad and said it had not been aware of the unfortunate placement.


McDonald’s advert fail outrages mourners

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