Hails & Fails – February 18th 2022

March is on the horizon already (you’d never have guessed by the awful weather) and there have been some fantastic PR campaigns to usher in Spring’s longer days. European nation Belgium has given workers the chance of permanent long weekends, The Queen has given us aftershave for Alsatians and Weetabix proved a sensation on TikTok. It was a week Prince Andrew will want to delete from the memory book however, after he was forced to settle a sexual assault claim out of court.


Belgium to give workers right to request four-day week

Belgians will have the right to a permanent three-day weekend without a loss of salary under a government overhaul of the country’s labour laws prompted by the Covid pandemic.

The option for employees to work longer days in order to earn a three-day weekend was among a number of reforms agreed this week.

Companies can turn down a request by an employee for a condensed working week – under which they will work the same total hours – but employers will need to justify their response in writing.

Global coverage as a result!

Belgium to give workers right to request four-day week

Canine cologne courtesy of Sandringham

The Queen is launching a luxury perfume — for dogs.

Happy Hounds Dog Cologne will give pampered pets the opportunity to enjoy the rich aroma of “coastal walks”.

The crest of the Norfolk-based Sandringham Royal Estate is on each bottle, and it costs £9.99 in its gift shop.

The cologne, designed to be carefully sprayed on a newly washed pooch, has been blended nearby by artisan perfume-maker Norfolk Natural Living.

A story covering dogs and the Royal Family? A recipe for column inches galore…

Canine cologne courtesy of Sandringham

Overnight Weetabix is the latest TikTok food craze

The first viral TikTok food hack of 2022 is here. Overnight oats are so last year – so, please be upstanding for Overnight Weetabix.

The hashtag already has had 18 million views on TikTok and shows a plethora of recipe options.

What is it? Just crush two Weetabix into a bowl, then add some boiling water or milk of your choice, stir together and mix in low fat yoghurt with whatever flavour – or fruit – you want, spread over the base and add any final topping across the top – then refridgerate overnight. Et Voila! 

There’s been a media frenzy to cover the story on the back of it going viral on TikTok this week.

Overnight Weetabix is the latest TikTok food craze


Prince Andrew pays millions to sex accuser

While Sandringham has been courting pampered pooches this week, Prince Andrew’s affairs have gone to the dogs following reports he will pay sex accuser Virginia Giuffre millions in an out of court settlement.

While no firm financial details have been disclosed, the pay-off has seen raised eyebrows right across the world this week.

Negotiations over the settlement are said to have lasted for arounds 10 days with the Prince’s legal team acting before Andrew was due to be questioned under oath by Ms Guiffre’s lawyers on March 10.

Prince Andrew pays millions to sex accuser

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