Hails & Fails – February 2nd 2024

Who else feels like they lived a hundred lives this January?! The month never seemed to end. But it has, so let’s kick off February with some fresh, fun creative thinking. Enjoy!

Uber Eats teased us, Netflix France pushed the boundaries and Brazen client Coventry Building Society landed on page 3 thanks to the hard work from our specialist news and influencer teams. While beauty retailer Sephora majorly missed the mark to become our fail of the week.



Uber Eats smashed its Super Bowl debut out of the park with an advert starring David and Victoria Beckham.

The A-list couple star in the 36 minute advert that recreates the viral moment from their documentary in which David tells his wife to be honest about her middle-class upbringing.

The ad wonderfully taps into pop-culture and comes just weeks after the couple’s son, Brooklyn, signed with the food delivery service himself.


Netflix France is a bit on the nose

Netflix France promoted “Griselda”, a new series about the Miami drug lord Griselda Blanco, with a branded truck ‘snorting’ lines off the streets of Paris. Brazen with a capital B!

The video (which is fake and made with AI) has got the whole internet talking, successfully creating hype for the entertainment series, but has been removed from their X feed.

Whether wrong or right, it’s certainly doing its job…

Netflix France is a bit on the nose

Brazen helps CBS say I do thanks to money moon headlines

Brazen’s specialist news and influencer teams created the perfect marriage of news coverage and influencer content for Coventry Building Society this week. 

Hitting the headlines with the story that couples are spending less on weddings than ever before, with savvy couples even using wedding gifts to pay of their wedding debt, we secured a raft of national coverage including a page three lead in The Mirror, The Sun, Daily Star and Daily Record.

And… ensuring the wedding party continued our influencer campaign, we reached more than 1.35million people over the course of just one weekend.

Now that’s we call a money-moon!

Brazen helps CBS say I do thanks to money moon headlines


$10 billion dollar cookie

Beauty retailer Sephora celebrated $10 billion in sales by giving its employees… cookies.

The box of cookies read, “We are thrilled to share that Sephora North America hit a record 10 billion dollars in sales in 2023. Inside this box you will find a sweet treat to enjoy with your team. We thank you for making it our greatest year ever. Cheers!”

“The audacity of this company” wrote the employee who shared the “reward” on subreddit.

The worse bit? Apparently, they were dry.

$10 billion dollar cookie

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