Hails & Fails – February 3rd 2023

We’ve well and truly dusted down the residue of New Year and we’re cruising towards Spring at top speed, with a clutch of fantastic PR campaigns for passengers. Hello February – what you got?

Holiday airline easyJet gave us Beach in a Box, supermarket Sainsbury’s opened a drive-through and Chester Zoo tempered the teacher’s strike with free tickets. It was shocker for Netflix this week though after an old tweet came back to haunt them.


easyJet solves sun-starvation for Brits

easyJet Holidays is selling a ‘Beach in a Box’ kit to help Brits get rid of the Winter blues.

The home beach kit includes 20kg of sand, a UVB lamp and a striking Mediterranean backdrop. And, even better, the £19.99 box is redeemable against the price of a package holiday with the company.

It comes on the back of new research which reveals that 70% of Brits are daydreaming about holidays at work and booking trips on company time.

It’s won headlines everywhere this week too.

easyJet solves sun-starvation for Brits

Sainsbury’s launch a drive-through offering free food

Sainsbury’s gave away free food from its new healthy food range to overnight shift workers at its new drive-through store in London this week.

The site is called The Flourish Fuelling Station and, if successful, could be rolled out further to offer hot food options during unsociable hours.

The drive-through is based at Sainsbury’s in London Colney and is part of the supermarket’s efforts to find a way to help overnight shift workers have access to “hot and healthy” meals, following research that shows 79% of night shift workers said they had “unhealthy eating patterns” due to overnight working.

Disruptive and problem-solving – no wonder it’s had such a positive press reception.

Sainsbury’s launch a drive-through offering free food

Chester Zoo gives free tickets during teacher strike

Chester Zoo offered school kids free visits to the attraction during this week’s teacher strike.

Any school aged children were able to take advantage of the offer as thousands of teachers took part in industrial action over pay and conditions.

The zoo’s ranger team hosted interactive and educational events throughout the day as part of its mission to ‘inspire a new generation of conservationists, with young people playing a vital role in creating a sustainable future for the planet and its wildlife’.

A timely reactive initiative which rightly won loads of coverage this week.

Chester Zoo gives free tickets during teacher strike


Does Netflix regret its old tweet?

Twitter users poured scorn on Netflix this week after the streaming giant announced changes to stop users sharing the accounts of friends and family.

It turns out that in 2017 Netflix tweeted positively about the power, and love, shared with friends and family when you give them access to your Netflix account.

How times have changed. In 2023 Netflix is threatening to penalise those who do exactly what they recommended just 6 years ago.

Twitter, legendary for pouring shade on brands who display double standards, has reacted as you’d expect – loudly reminding Netflix of its previous position.


Does Netflix regret its old tweet?

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