Hails & Fails – February 9th 2024

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, brands everywhere are attempting to win the hearts of their customers by launching love themed campaigns… and it’s safe to say these three got us batting our eyelids.

Saltburn made headlines yet again with an idea from Lush, Deliveroo caught our attention with a partnership deal and online florist Arena Flowers gave singletons the love they deserve. While pop star Taylor Swift had a week she’d probably rather forget.


Bath bomb creates waves

High street favourite Lush created a limited-edition bath bomb based on that scene from Saltburn.

The cosmetics company has promised fans that the product creates a ‘silky smooth bath water’ that they will ‘want to treasure every last drop of’ – alluding to the film’s explicit bathtub scene in which actor Barry Keoghan slurps bath water. (Haven’t seen it? Don’t ask).

This is pop-culture jacking as its finest, filthiest… you get the point.

Bath bomb creates waves


Deliveroo launched a partnership with lingerie and adult toy retailer Ann Summers to offer massage oils and sex toy delivery… just in time for Valentine’s!

The steamy, unexpected partnership reflects the food app’s ambition to enter new territories beyond food delivery.

We think this partnership really hits the G spot.


Prick free Valentine’s

A florist is offering bouquets of thorn-free roses for the victims of cheaters this Valentine’s Day.

The tongue-in-cheek giveaway from Arena Flowers aims to ensure hurt singletons don’t have to endure any more ‘pricks’.

The free-to-order, prick-free roses will be available online from the 5th until the 13th of February.

Thank us later!

Prick free Valentine’s


Swift to sue

Taylor Swift has made headlines all week for threatening to sue a student who tracks the private jets of celebrities – while rather ironically topping the list for highest private jet CO2 emissions with 1,185 times more total annual emissions than the average person…

Student Jack Sweeney tracks the take-offs and landings of planes belonging to A-list celebs saying he simply believes in “transparency and public information”.

But Sweeney received the “threatening” letter from Swift’s lawyers claiming what he’s doing is “stalking”.

Sorry to all the Swifties reading, but this is our fail for the week…

Swift to sue

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