Hails & Fails – January 12th 2024

What a week! 2024 has well and truly kicked off with a bang!

Iceland hit a PR 180, Sweethearts celebrated a new kind of love while the BBC took us all down memory lane. While Manchester brand BooHoo is our fail of the week for more broken promises.


That’s why Luke goes to Iceland…

Iceland’s CEO offered 16-year-old darts prodigy Luke Littler a lifetime supply of kebab meat in a simple, smart PR move.

Littler, who became an overnight sensation when he became the youngest person to reach the World Darts Championship, expressed his love for a post-match kebab in numerous interviews. So, the savvy supermarket knew exactly what to do!

Frozen doner kebab sales have soared 25 per cent since his runner up victory. Now that’s a win-win!

That’s why Luke goes to Iceland…

Give me some sugar!

Confectionary brand Sweethearts are celebrating the dating trends of Gen Z this Valentine’s Day with limited edition Situationship sweeties.

The heart shaped sweets famous for their cute messages like “Be Mine” or “Forever” have been misprinted and made to look blurry – bringing to life the kind of sweet nothings singles have to deal with today.

For any non Gen Z reading, a situationship is an informal romantic relationship. More than a friendship, but not a committed relationship kinda thang.

We’ve never been more grateful to be old…

Give me some sugar!

High chance of retro

BBC Weather shared a compilation of weather forecast archives to celebrate their 70th anniversary.

The video shows how much presenting styles and technology have changed over the last 70 years since their very first BBC weather forecast on 11 January 1954.

We loved this retro, nostalgic throwback!

(Yes, once again, we are old).

High chance of retro


Boohoo breaks promise

Fast-fashion brand Boohoo came under pressure to close its flagship factory this week, after a BBC investigation found evidence of “made in the UK” labels being added to clothing that were made in South Asia.

The investigation by BBC Panorama discovered that potentially thousands of clothes had their original labels removed by staff in an attempt to make the garment look more ethical.

Boo, indeed.

Boohoo breaks promise

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