Hails & Fails – January 19th 2024

There’s something so special about waking up to a blanket of white snow. And there’s something equally as special about these campaigns we spotted this week. Wrap up warm and enjoy!

Tropicana took a stand against AI, Indian restaurant Urban Tandoor went viral showing the big brands how it’s done and Peloton bagged a new audience with a massive partnership deal. The Sun, however, caused outrage online and in office here at Brazen.



American beverage company Tropicana removed the “A” and the “I” from their branding to remind customers that there is absolutely nothing artificial about their juice.

The ridiculously smart stunt (seriously, whose brilliant idea was this?) aims to take a stand against artificial intelligence and prove the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients.

One of our favourite ideas of the year, and it’s only January.


Murder at the Tandoor

A Bristol-based Indian restaurant went viral for their hilarious remake of box office hit Saltburn.

In the clip, waiters are seen dancing to Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s ‘Murder on The Dancefloor which has burst back into the charts after being featured in the film. “It’s murder at The Tandoor, when you order the vindaloo”, they sing completely out of tune.

But this isn’t the first time the restaurant has made headlines. Speaking to Chris Moyles about their host of pop remakes, Sujith the owner explained, “After COVID, all the news was about death and destruction and that kind of stuff. So what we thought of as a brand (is to) spread some joy and happiness.”

That’s how you do it!

Murder at the Tandoor

Peloton x TikTok

Fitness specialist Peloton have partnered with TikTok to create a first-of-its-kind #TikTokFitness hub.

The exclusive partnership aims to inspire a new generation of fitness content and creators, with bespoke social content like live Peloton classes, original instructor series and celebrity collaborations all accessible via the #TikTokFitness hashtag.

A huge move for the brand and a huge help for anyone hanging on to dear life to their new year’s resolution of staying fit!

Peloton x TikTok


The Sun under fire

Calls to boycott national tabloid The Sun were seen all over socials this week for a disgusting headline about an abandoned match.

The headline, ‘Footie binned… over ill fan’, was referring to the Bolton Wanderers VS Cheltenham Town match that was called off when a fan collapsed mid play.

Perhaps unbeknownst to the paper, the long-time Bolton fan Iain Purslow had tragically passed away.

Undoubtedly our fail of the week.

The Sun under fire

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