Hails & Fails – January 20th 2023

You call that snow? Despite the paltry dusting of flakes this week there has been a storm of amazing PR campaigns winning headlines.

The Football Association of Wales gave pay equality a real boost, supermarket Aldi lent a helping hand to cost-of-living workers and iconic fizzy drink Vimto went big on pronunciation.  It was not a great week for Sainsbury’s though after its new advert was axed following an online backlash over women’s safety.


Welsh men’s and women’s football teams get equal pay

Footballers for the Welsh men’s and women’s football teams will be paid the same after a deal was struck by Wales’s governing body.

The agreement with the Football Association of Wales (FAW) is instant and will mean a 25% pay cut for the men’s team to enable a rise of the same amount for the women’s side.

A statement released by the Welsh men’s and women’s teams said: “Together Stronger has been the mantra across the Cymru national teams for us all, both on and off the pitch as we look to put Wales on the world stage.”

Tonnes of coverage for the story this week too.

Welsh men’s and women’s football teams get equal pay

Aldi increases wages for UK workers for third time in a year

Aldi has increased pay for British warehouse workers for the third time in 12 months – with its minimum rate now 20% above last January.

The discounter, which is the UK’s fourth-largest supermarket chain, said pay would rise to £13.18 on 1 February, a rise of 4% on the current minimum of £12.66.

The latest increase, designed to help with cost-of-living price rises, comes after Aldi upped pay for store staff last month to at least £11 an hour.

Quite right that the initiative has been widely lauded this week.

ViMTO pays homage to its customers

Iconic drinks brand ViMTO had a little fun with its customers this week, using a fun insight into how people say the drink’s name incorrectly.

A common mispronunciation by consumers is to call the fruity drink ViMPTO instead of ViMTO.

So, the brand caused much merriment by officially changing its name to ViMPTO in a hilarious OOH campaign, turning heads when it appeared on huge billboards this week.

Brilliant, funny and showcasing a brand which is clearly in sync with its fans.

ViMTO pays homage to its customers


Sainsbury's axes advert after backlash over women's safety

Sainsbury’s has apologised for an advert that appeared to ignore women’s safety.

The supermarket has axed the in-store poster, featuring a woman wearing a dress, which reads “For walks in the park or strolls after dark”.

Angry social media users were quick to point out that walking in the dark has proven to be dangerous and deadly for some women in the past.

In response to the backlash, the supermarket apologised and said: “We’re sorry that due to the design, some customers found this sign to be inappropriate and are working to remove these from store.”

Sainsbury's axes advert after backlash over women's safety

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