Hails & Fails – January 26th 2024

Storm Jocelyn hit this week, becoming the 10th named storm of the season. But she wasn’t the only thing causing a storm!

Sonsie Skin partnered with a famous face, McVitie’s cracked the biscuit code and sportswear brand ASICS made January slightly easier. While the Oscars caused uproar and widespread disappointment.


Pamela Anderson enters skincare world

Superstar Pamela Anderson was announced as the new co-founder and owner of minimalist beauty brand Sonsie Skin having already won the brand headlines for gracing red carpets bare-faced.

The actress and model, famous for oozing ultra-glam and her work in Playboy, attended both Paris Fashion Week and The Fashion Awards in London wearing little-to-no makeup.

Possibly the most minimalistic PR stunt ever?

Pamela Anderson enters skincare world

The McVitie’s mission

Household biscuit brand McVitie’s announced the creation of a brand-new role, Chief Dunking Officer (CDO), after research revealed 6.1 million biscuits are lost every week due to poor dunking skills!

The role was appointed to scientist and biscuit enthusiast Dr Helen Pilcher who has conducted thorough scientific studies to reveal the optimal dunk duration for different types of McVitie’s biscuits.

Hello, widespread media coverage across national news titles, TV and radio!

The McVitie’s mission

Exercise on tap

To help Brits get through dry January, sportswear brand ASICS put exercise on tap in a North London pub!

Customers simply headed to the bar, ordered an ASICS Dry Run and got handed a free pair of trainers instead of their drink of choice.

January is such a marathon, so we love this idea!

Roll on February though…

Exercise on tap


This Barbie isn’t nominated

The Oscars ignited a sexism row when Barbie star Ryan Gosling, who played Barbie’s sidekick Ken in the feminist movie, was nominated for an Oscar while his female co-star Margot Robbie and the film’s female director Greta Gerwig, rather ironically, weren’t…

Fans turned to social media to express their anger that this was “the pinnacle of sexism and misogyny in the industry”, with some urging Gosling to reject his Best Actor nomination.

This Barbie isn’t nominated

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