Hails & Fails – January 7th 2022

It’s 2022 and we’ve already started the year with some fantastic PR campaigns. Fashion house Balmain has given us every reason to ‘doll’ up for New Year, Cadbury has launched a nationwide egg hunt and Volvic has revealed why we give up on Dry January. It was a week to forget for Toby Carvery however, after a customer found a snail in her roast dinner.


Dress Like Barbie in Balmain

Fashionistas and Barbie fans were rejoicing this week after Balmain launched a collection inspired by Barbie’s iconic outfits.

Those who want to dress in Barbie-inspired Balmain dresses, sweats, and bags, now can. Balmain has launched a genderless collection for adults, inspired by Barbie and Ken.

They have created 50 items of clothing and accessories. And in addition to the clothes, the collection is modeled by CGI dolls. The media loved it!

Dress Like Barbie in Balmain

Cadbury hides 146 ‘half-and-half Creme Eggs’ across the country – worth up to £10,000

Cadbury has launched a competition to find ‘half-and-half Creme Eggs’.

In total, 146 half milk and half white chocolate eggs have been scattered across the country, inside regular Creme Egg wrappers.

There are six eggs worth £10,000 – all hidden in Asda, Co-op, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and other independent retailers. Plus three are eggs worth £5,000 on sale in Waitrose, One Stop and Booker, while four eggs with a £1,000 prize are being sold across Iceland and Booths stores.

A full breakdown of shops and prizes can be found on the Cadbury website and customers won’t know they’ve got a winning egg until they unwrap the sweet treat.

Widespread coverage for this egg-citing, Willy Wonka style campaign.

Cadbury hides 146 ‘half-and-half Creme Eggs’ across the country – worth up to £10,000

Volvic reveals the Dry January killer

Research by drinks manufacturer Volvic has revealed that more than half of those who start Dry January are likely to give up by the second week. 

Two in ten admit they won’t last the whole month without booze and three in ten will be happy to stick it for just two weeks.

Needing a drink at the end of the day, wanting to socialise and not wanting to miss out are among the reasons adults give up in this timely survey piece.

Perfect timing won it lots of media attention this week.

Volvic reveals the Dry January killer


Toby Carvery diner finds snail in her roast dinner

A woman was stunned to find a snail in her Toby Carvery roast dinner.

She ordered two meals from a Toby Carvery restaurant in Dudley via Uber Eats on January 1 and while she initially enjoyed the meal, admits she felt ‘physically sick’ and spat out the food after spotting the mollusc in her peas.

The restaurant apologised and offered her a refund as well as launching a probe into how the snail got into the dinner.

Not a great advert for the restaurant, however, as it sparked social conversations and media coverage for all the wrong reasons.

Toby Carvery diner finds snail in her roast dinner

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