Hails & Fails – July 13th 2023

It’s currently Barbie’s World. We’re just living in it. But while we can all agree her PR team deserves a serious raise, there’s been plenty of other brilliant PR campaigns this week that deserve a shout out!

This week Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Sky High mascara went viral…again…, Beaverton Brewery ventured into the world of skincare and Ru Paul’s Drag Race crashed the Fourth of July. And sorry to all the Swifties reading, but Taylor Swift is this week’s fail as many of her disabled fans were left disappointed.


A sensational stunt for a sensational mascara

Maybelline went viral this week with an eyelash-wearing tube.

The trending clip shows a London underground tube fitted with rubber ‘lashes’ over its front window, driving past a Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High ad with a 3D mascara wand sticking out of it.

As the tube pulls into the station and past the billboard its wand’s brushes the long, rubber lashes, appearing to coat them with the product. The same clip also shows a double decker getting the same TLC from a giant mascara wand on the side of a building.

But while the product is the real deal, the stunt certainly isn’t. What you’re seeing only exists thanks to augmented reality!

A sensational stunt for a sensational mascara

Ru Paul crashes Fourth of July

In response to the recent bills passed in multiple states across America, limiting the art of drag, a billboard popped up in New York’s Times Square this Fourth of July with a powerful message.

The agency behind the topical billboard, Uncommon Creative Studio, said: “The billboard aims to raise awareness and show the hypocrisy of right-wing figures using the Founding Fathers’ rhetoric to pass bills that go against the freedoms they fought for. That’s why, now more than ever, it’s so important to support your local LGBTQ+ charity.”

We applaud the Uncommon team for taking a stand, which is even more impressive in heels!

Ru Paul crashes Fourth of July

Beavertown gives Neck Oil a whole new meaning

After finding that pub gardens were among the most common locations for sunburn, Beavertown Brewery has developed the first-ever sunscreen tailored specifically for beer drinkers.

This is the perfect example of creative problem solving. With summers getting hotter and hotter, remembering to slather on some sunscreen is the bane of every Brit’s existence.

Cheers to creative solutions!

Beavertown gives Neck Oil a whole new meaning


Disabled swifties have a not so swift ticket buying experience

This week was a big week for Swifties with tickets for her Eras Tour going on sale. But disabled fans have shared their tough experiences trying to get theirs, with complaints of being kept on hold for several hours flooding in, with some fans saying they weren’t able to get tickets at all.

While fans are insisting there’s no bad blood and that Taylor must have had nothing to do with the experience, it’s still a cruel summer indeed, especially after the chaos that was the US ticket release back in November which saw a group of 26 fans sue Ticketmaster.

Not a good look!

Disabled swifties have a not so swift ticket buying experience

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