Hails & Fails – July 15th 2022

We’re on the precipice of the UK’s hottest day on record but, aside from Tuesday’s expected mercury-busting temperature, there have been some scorchingly hot PR stories in the headines this week. TikTok gave us more control over content, Boots encouraged us to be safer in the sun and Gymshark gave us a barbers where it’s good to talk. It wasn’t a great week for fast-fashion giant Boohoo though, as they felt the backlash for a sneaky returns charge.


TikTok launches tools to block offensive content

TikTok has announced a new set of filters and options which offer more ways to limit unwanted exposure in the app.

The social media giant says users will be able to automatically filter out videos that include words or hashtags that they don’t want to see in their feed.

Users can now block specific hashtags through a ‘Details’ tab. So users can get rid of specific tags, in their settings and can also block content containing chosen key terms within the description.

It is also also expanding its limits on content exposure for potentially harmful topics, like dieting, extreme fitness, and sadness, among others.

TikTok launches tools to block offensive content

Boots halts low-SPF suncreams to make sunbathing safer

Boots says it will no longer make its Soltan suncream with a sun protection level lower than SPF50 for children and SPF15 for adults.

The move is designed to encourage ‘sun safe behaviour’, because applying high-factor creams lowers the risk of skin cancer.

The chain says it had ended production of seven creams including Soltan SPF30 for children and an SPF8 lotion aimed at adults. The low-factor creams will disappear from its shelves once stocks have been exhausted.

Boots halts low-SPF suncreams to make sunbathing safer

Gymshark opens ‘safe space’ barbershop

Gymshark has launched a new barbershop which makes it easier and more comfortable for men to open up to barbers with training in mental health care.

The launch provides a “non-judgemental safe space” for men to discuss personal issues, offload and have a chat with professional mental health-trained barbers, while receiving their free trim.

The barbershop in Shoreditch, East London, is called “Deload” and will be open from 12 to 17 July.

The hugely worthy initiative has received loads of coverage this week too.

Gymshark opens ‘safe space’ barbershop


Boohoo criticised for quietly bringing in £1.99 return charge

Online retail giant Boohoo has sneakily introduced a £1.99 charge for returns, ending its long-running free returns policy.

Customers were met with the updated returns policy in the small print of the shop’s app and website stating that the charge will be taken off any refund issued.

Most online shoppers order different sizes in order to get the correct fit, then return the ones they don’t need, so the company’s move has left many customers unhappy.

Also, those who have paid using buy now, pay later facilities like Klarna are left with the charge to pay on their accounts.

The story has received negative media coverage and lots of anti-chat on socials this week.

Boohoo criticised for quietly bringing in £1.99 return charge

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