Hails & Fails – July 2nd 2021

The news agenda might have mostly been about the England team’s Euros success but there were some champion PR campaigns to marvel at too this week. Bentley gave us a musical car, M&S gave us a hamper for dogs and Leon gave us service in our cars. It wasn’t the best of weeks for ASOS though, after an embarrassing spelling error.


Bentley Introduces a Musical Car

Bentley wants to make music as well as cars, these days. The luxury carmaker is working with a tech company, LifeScore, to make new music for every journey by using artificial intelligence and vehicle input.

Bentley has developed a new system which uses all the data that your car collects, like your engine speed and throttle usage, then, through artificial intelligence it turns out the grooviest tunes to match. Using engine RPM and acceleration the music changes in real time, constantly evolving depending on the driving situation. Genius – and tonnes of coverage to boot.

Bentley Introduces a Musical Car

M&S launch a picnic for your dog

Marks & Spencer have launched a top-notch picnic for dogs, and it even includes a G&T for its owner.

It’s being touted as the perfect gift for dog lovers with treats for both dog and owner. It includes; gin and tonic, M&S gin and tonic dog toy, M&S sandwich dog toy, 8 Crunchy tripe sticks, 20 Meaty strips, 8 Treat time chewy deli sausages, a Family biscuit selection and a cute tote bag.

Perfect for the resurgence in picnics, following the lockdown. The media loves it too!

M&S launch a picnic for your dog

Leon launches its first drive-through

Leon, the healthier fast food brand, is launching its first drive-thru restaurant.

Leon already runs more than 70 restaurants, and has said it will launch its first drive-thru site in West Yorkshire this autumn, in a move which will create 30 jobs.

The site will be the “first of many” drive-thru locations planned for the year as new owners EG push forward with plans to expand the brand further across the UK.

It’s received a warm welcome from media and loads of interest online this week.

Leon launches its first drive-through


ASOS in red-faced spelling error

Fashion giant ASOS will be smarting from an embarrassing spelling error on an in-house t-shirt – which listed Edinburgh as ‘Edinborough’ this week.

The £12.00 top contains the spelling mistake on a fake tour schedule advertising dates across the world, created by Asos-exclusive label Collusion.

The black shirt features a large print of a cobra under the name ‘Hunter Thriller’ and above an apparent ‘outer space’ tour.

They’ve managed to spell London, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow correctly but Edinburgh gets an entirely incorrect phonetic spelling. Oops – red faces all round and loads of people calling the brand out across social media this week.

ASOS in red-faced spelling error

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