Hails & Fails – June 17th 2022

In a week that’s seen the warmest day of the year we’ve also seen some blisteringly hot PR campaigns turn up the heat nationally. Supermarket Aldi launched ice cream…for dogs, Citroen launched a cost-of-living crisis car and Disney launched a terrifying advert featuring Darth Vader. It was a week to forget for Ryanair however, after a worker made a very public show of his unhappiness with the company.


Aldi is first UK supermarket to launch dog ice-cream

Aldi has become the first UK supermarket to sell ice-cream for dogs.

The creamy-cool snack will be available in stores nationwide from this week. 

Beechdean Doggy Ice Cream, which will come in packs of four costing £2.99, is 100 per cent plant-based.

It comes in two flavours, Pea & Vanilla and Apple & Carrot, which are made from fruit and vegetables, creating what Aldi describes as a ‘nutritious snack’.

New Cost-of-Living Crisis Citroen costs just £20 a month

The Citroën Ami is being called a game-changer for those looking to commute to the office for a small fee. For just £20 a month drivers will be able to take advantage of the zero-emission Ami quadricycle – a four-wheeled “microcar”.

Billed by some commentators as a ‘cost-of-living-crisis car’, the Ami features a 6kW electric motor, with the new model reaching a top speed of 27.9mph.

A 5.5kWh battery gives it a range of over 46 miles, with Citroën banking on it being used for inner-city commutes. It measures just 2.4 metres long and 1.4 metres wide, with no boot or bonnet.

Darth Vader goes 3D and hooks Obi-Wan Kenobi fans

Social media has been in awe of the new 3D Darth Vader billboard which has been unveiled in Times Square, New York, this week.

The epic digital corner 3D billboard on display in the heart of New York has lit up social channels with thousands of comments from fans of the franchise showing huge support for the big reveal and marvelling at how ‘awesome’ but also ‘slightly scary’ the creation is.

Star Wars supporters have also physically flooded to Times Square since news of the billboard – which is promoting Obi-Wan Kenobi – was shared via social media.

The billboard was created as a collaboration between OLED Space and ILM and is being used to promote Disney+ original, Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Ryanair steward shocks passengers with tannoy rant about airline

A steward made his feelings for his Ryanair perfectly clear after jumping on the tannoy, claiming the airline “doesn’t care” about their staff, this week.

During a flight from Spain to Manchester, the frustrated worker launched into his rant, telling holidaymakers that Ryanair “don’t listen to their staff” and that he doesn’t have “high expectations”.

A video of the rant has made its way to social media and the steward was heard saying: “I do apologise. If you want to file a complaint please do so – go to Ryanair.com.”

In a statement, Ryanair said: “We sincerely regret the comments made by a crew member on this flight from Región de Murcia International Airport to Manchester (08 June), which are not representative of Ryanair.”


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