Hails & Fails – June 4th 2021

It might have been the hottest week of the year so far but there were some seriously cool PR campaigns this week. Lidl has saved our heatwave wine, Vodafone has predicted the future, and Nando’s has become Nan-go’s. It was a pretty horrific week for New Look though, as they were accused of ‘sexualising’ children.


Lidl becomes UK’s heatwave hero

No-one needs a warm glass of wine on a baking hot day, so Lidl, just in time for the weekend’s mini heatwave – launched a wine cooling handbag

The tote bag holds 1.5 litres and even features a hidden tap dispenser, so you can help yourself without even having to open it.

Brilliant and, quite honestly, probably the best thing we’ve seen since Brazen’s very own weather reactive NPD, The HONCHO for ISAWITFIRST last month… Bravo!

Lidl becomes UK’s heatwave hero

Vodafone becomes Mystic Meg

Robots to look after our dogs, fridges which track food and homes that are built by crane – welcome to the modern home, 2041-style.

Vodafone worked with leading housing experts for its Future Homes report, which reveals what houses will look like in 20 years time.

The insightful and entertaining report details how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we use our homes forever, and has been released alongside new research polling UK homeowners, identifying what Britons now want out of their homes. It won tonnes of coverage this week. 

Vodafone becomes Mystic Meg

Nando’s becomes Nan-go’s

Nando’s is giving customers their meal for half price if you take your Nan or granddad, or anyone aged 65 or over.

The NanGo’s Free campaign wants to help the younger generations reconnect with their elderly relatives or friends as lockdown restrictions ease.

Nando’s said: “After a year of being apart, it’s finally time to be reunited with your favourite people again.

“We know your Nan’s probably top of the list, which is why we’re here to help.”

Lovely stuff and loads of well-deserved coverage to boot.

Nando’s becomes Nan-go’s


Mums turn on New Look

New Look has come under heavy criticism from mothers for ‘sexualising children’ by selling a range of padded bikinis for girls as young as nine.

Available in a range of bright colours and for ages 9-15, the swimsuits are described online as featuring ‘moulded triangle cups’.

Campaign group Object, famous for opposing the sexual objectification of women, said: ‘Stop sexualising children @newlook. It’s wrong and damaging. Take them away. We object.’ And it has blown up online with parents outraged at the British brand’s new range and the effect it could have on its kids. It has received plenty of negative coverage in the media, too.

Mums turn on New Look

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