Hails & Fails – March 15th 2024

The highly anticipated Glastonbury line-up was released yesterday with Dua Lipa, SZA, Shania Twain and Coldplay announced as headliners for this year’s festival. But it wasn’t just pop stars stealing the show this week…

Bubble tea shop Gong cha made us giggle with some quick thinking, gluten-free bakery Wholegreen thought outside the box to change perception and Breast Cancer Now used the power of AI to raise awareness. It should come as no surprise that our fail of the week is the photoshop saga which dogged the Royal Family.


Got cha!

Bubble tea shop Gong cha successfully jumped onto the Kate Middleton saga when they photoshopped bubble tea into the hands of Kate Middleton and her children in that family portrait.

With a short, sassy caption “seems legit”, the post’s comment section is mostly laughing face emojis and we’re not surprised as we can’t stop laughing either!

A cakey campaign

Gluten-free foods often get a bad rap for being dry, tasteless and a bit like cardboard.

So, to tackle the misconception once and for all, Australian bakery Wholegreen created the world’s first Cardboard Cake.

While resembling cardboard in appearance, the unique cake is made from a delicious blend of butterscotch, coffee, cocoa powder, pastry, caramel and brown rice flour.

A delicious idea that does what the best ideas do – change people’s perceptions.

AI brings hope

Charity Breast Cancer Now created a ‘Gallery of Hope’, blending photography and AI to create portraits of individuals battling the disease in the future they hope to have.

The powerful exhibition opened to the public in London’s Saatchi Gallery to raise awareness for the need for ongoing investment and research and will be supported with a short documentary following the personal stories and aspirations of each person featured in the gallery.


A Royal fail

The Royal Family failed to silence mass speculation about the Princess of Wales’s wellbeing when they released a photoshopped family portrait.

Soon after the Princess shared the Mother’s Day photo, the image sparked even more public debate and kick-started conspiracy theories about her health and whereabouts by being pulled from photo & news agencies for “manipulation”.

To make matters even worse, Kate then tweeted from her official X account a rather bizarre explanation, “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing”.

The future Queen editing her own photos?

We don’t buy it. Do you?

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