Hails & Fails – May 5th 2023

Can’t see the headlines for bunting? Worry not – it’s almost over. And there have been some bloody marvellous PR campaigns in the run-up to the Coronation this week.

Day trip attraction, and Brazen client, Cadbury World created a chocolate crown, supermarket Aldi taunted M&S over caterpillars and car manufacturer Toyota showed drivers what can happen if they don’t grow up.

It was a week to forget for fast fashion brand Boohoo however, as the label was heavily fined for ‘fake discounts’.


Cadbury World creates chocolate crown fit for a king

Birmingham-based day trip attraction Cadbury World, a Brazen client, won huge media coverage in the run up to the Coronation this week when chocolatiers created a stunning crown made entirely of chocolate.

The creation, standing 45 centimetres tall, accurately replicates the crown that will be worn by Charles III on May 6. The sculpture was created by chocolatiers Dawn Jenks and Donna Oluban, who spent two days working on it using milk and white chocolate and edible lustre.

Great imagery won this piece enough coverage to fill a chocolate factory this week.

Cadbury World creates chocolate crown fit for a king

Aldi taunts M&S over caterpillar cake

Discounter Aldi launched a new ‘Coronation advert this week, hilariously parodying M&S’s Colin the Caterpillar as an aggressive guest at a cake party.

In the ad, Cuthbert the Caterpillar, who features on an Aldi cake, Wiggles, from Sainsbury’s cake, and Morris, from Morrisons’ cake, come face to face with Colin in a funny price comparison showdown.

The ad references the infamous 2021 spat in which M&S filed a lawsuit against Aldi, accusing the German supermarket of copying its caterpillar cake design.

Cheeky and loads of coverage too.

Aldi taunts M&S over caterpillar cake

Toyota shows drunk drivers are just like kids

Car manufacturer Toyota highlights that drunk drivers are similar to children when behind the wheel.

Toyota carried out research that shows an intoxicated driver’s reflexes and hand-eye coordination are similar to those of an eight-year-old child.

The Toyota Kids advertisement depicts children crashing their toy cars and motorbikes, similar to adults who get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

A sobering, thought-provoking and hugely impactful campaign that has won widespread praise.

Toyota shows drunk drivers are just like kids


Boohoo fined after giving customers fake ‘discounts’ on PrettyLittleThing

Online fashion giant Boohoo has been forced to pay a huge $197 million after adverts allegedly used fake discounts on their sites.

Prices on PrettyLittleThing, NastyGal and boohooMAN were inflated and a class action lawsuit in the US saw the brand hit with the multi-million-dollar fine this week.

The court claimed the brands wouldn’t actually have sold the clothing at the original price on its US website and shoppers seeing discounted prices would believe they were getting a great deal.


Boohoo fined after giving customers fake ‘discounts’ on PrettyLittleThing

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