Hails & Fails – November 5th 2021

As the country gets ready for the big Bonfire Night celebrations tonight, there have already been plenty of PR fireworks this week. Heinz solved the Christmas turkey shortage, Tetley launched a dream job for tea fans and Airbnb went all Sex & the City on us. It was a difficult week for Morrisons though, after they were forced to apologise for non-EU poultry.


Heinz cures festive feast fears

Has Heinz saved Christmas? Possibly…it certainly has a backup plan.

The brand announced a Christmas dinner soup with ‘big chunks’ of turkey as well as sprouts and stuffing. Essentially Christmas dinner in a can.

The £1.50 Big Soup Christmas Dinner also has roasties, pigs in blankets and a gravy and cranberry sauce.

As farmers are predicting a turkey shortage this year it might just save the day. Either way, it’s won great coverage across all media this week.

Heinz cures festive feast fears

Tetley’s dream job is just the tea

Tetley is looking for two tea fans to join its team of tasters, with successful applicants guaranteed to taste up to 300 different teas a day.

The British tea company is advertising for “graduate tea buyers”, who will be sent around the world to taste different teas so that they can “learn the secret lexicon of tea”.

The role will involve a significant amount of training to start with, offering applicants the opportunity to “cement their knowledge of the tea manufacturing process”. One lump or two with that dream job? Loads of coverage for this freshly brewed story too.

Tetley’s dream job is just the tea

Airbnb guarantee Sex in the City

Airbnb has launched the ultimate rental for fans of Sex and the City.

A faithful recreation of the famous brownstone New York apartment that the show’s Carrie Bradshaw character lived in is being put up for rent.

Even better, Sarah Jessica Parker – who played Carrie – not only had a hand in designing it, but will welcome guests when they arrive.

The character’s famous walk-in wardrobe, her writing desk, and her bedroom appear almost exactly as they did in the cult series and guests will get the chance to play dress-up in a recreation of Carrie’s closet, which has been filled with duplicates of some of the iconic looks from the series. 

Airbnb guarantee Sex in the City


Morrisons apologises for non-EU chicken

Morrisons has conceded after customers complained about its labelling of a chicken product as containing “non-EU salt and pepper”.

The chain’s salt-and-pepper chicken crown features the Union Flag on its label, which says that it is “made from British chicken”.

The label got a roasting from angry Tweeters, with accusations of stoking “anti-EU hatred”.

In response, the firm said the wording was “an error for which we apologise”. 

Morrisons apologises for non-EU chicken

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