Hails & Fails – October 22nd 2021

The cold, dark nights of autumn are here, and with them came some seriously cool PR campaigns this week. Iceland launched a cheeseboard bath rack, rum brand The Kraken gave us Dread & Breakfast for Halloween and Brazen client Legoland Discovery Centre opened the world’s smallest Primark. It wasn’t the best of weeks for the BBC though, after it was widely mocked for spending thousands on reinventing its logo.


Iceland fans go crackers for bath-time cheese board

Iceland has launched a cheese-board bath-rack so cheese fans can enjoy their favourite dairy snack while in the bath.

Iceland’s research team found that the bathtub is the perfect place to experience cheese – as the steam brings cheese to room temperature, which is essential to loosen fats, giving cheese a better texture and flavour.

Like we need a scientific excuse…

The story won widespread coverage this week and spawned a few cheesy headlines too!

Iceland fans go crackers for bath-time cheese board

The Kraken launches ‘Dread & Breakfast’ for Halloween

Rum brand The Kraken is taking over an abandoned London hotel to host an immersive horror experience that guarantees a terrible night’s sleep for guests.

Guests will be kept awake by the antics of a team of actors, light and sound technicians, special effects artists and theatre professionals.

The night will be filled with prank phone calls, suspicious banging, screams in the hallways and figures from beyond the grave entering rooms unannounced just as guests are falling asleep. Dread & breakfast will be open for three nights from 28 October.

Cue media headlines galore!

The Kraken launches ‘Dread & Breakfast’ for Halloween

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre launches world’s tiniest Primark

Brazen client, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham, is preparing to open its doors to the world’s smallest Primark.

The model will be situated within the attraction’s Miniland display and is a direct copy of the city’s 160,000 sq ft store.

Primark Birmingham has been certified as the world’s largest fashion retail store by the Guinness World Records but, the city will now also play host to the miniature version of the store at the nearby LEGOLAND Discovery Centre.

The model features all the tiny details of the original store and is built from 2,988 LEGO bricks.

The story won coverage everywhere this week.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre launches world’s tiniest Primark


BBC mocked for new logo which looks just like the old one

The BBC has been mocked for reportedly spending thousands of pounds on a new modern logo – that looks pretty much the same as the old one.

The new design appears to be almost identical despite the broadcaster boasting of its makeover after viewers complained its services “looked old fashioned and out of date.”

But audiences have struggled to spot the difference between the old and new. And the presenters of Good Morning Britain even joined in with the ridicule this week, bursting into fits of laughter when sharing the new design with viewers.


BBC mocked for new logo which looks just like the old one

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