Hails & Fails – October 29th 2021

Despite the depressing weather and the news agenda being dominated by The Budget, it’s been another notable week for impactful PR campaigns. Greggs gave us Steak Bakes to go, TfL tackled sexual harassment and Adidas went vegan. Not such a great week for B&M Bargains after a spelling mistake left them with red faces.


Get a Greggs goodie without getting out of your car

Greggs has confirmed it will open drive-thru bakeries right across the UK following a successful trial.

Bosses behind the bakery chain have revealed that it’s opening a series of new drive-thru locations, after its trial in Manchester was a huge hit.

The announcement went viral across social media with fans declaring their love of the brand and excitement for the drive-thrus in their area. The story won tonnes of media coverage too.

Get a Greggs goodie without getting out of your car

TfL blow the whistle on sexual harassment

A new campaign was launched this week to tackle sexual harassment on London’s public transport network.

The Transport for London initiative aims to send a “strong message” to offenders that there is a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment on London’s public transport.

A series of posters and paid adverts highlight common forms of harassment such as catcalling, staring and unwanted touching, and will aim to challenge the normalisation of such behaviours. It won coverage right across the country.

TfL blow the whistle on sexual harassment

Adidas hires Paul Pogba to go Vegan

Paul Pogba has joined forces with Adidas and fashion designer Stella McCartney to create the brand’s first 100 per cent vegan football boot.

The Man Utd and France star and fashion designer have teamed up to create the Predator Freak boot – inspired by the duo’s mutual passion for fashion, sport and brand building.

Adidas say that materials and components for the boots were closely analysed to ensure they conform to both vegan and elite performance standards.

Great collab which has won plaudits and coverage everywhere this week.

Adidas hires Paul Pogba to go Vegan


B&M didn’t bargain for this

Shoppers at B&M were quick to have a giggle at the store over an embarrassing spelling mistake on one of its Christmas mug ranges this week.

Despite the mug’s appealing gold writing and grey background, the star sign “Pisces” was spelt wrong – reading “Pices” instead.

Tickled by the spelling blunder, people were quick to hit social media and share their thoughts on the embarrassing gaffe. And it didn’t take long for media to pick-up on the story either.

B&M didn’t bargain for this

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