Hails & Fails – October 8th 2021

The darkness of autumn started to draw in earlier, so thank goodness for the light provided by some stonking PR campaigns this week. Twitter hilariously made the most of Facebook’s untimely outage, Brazen client Silentnight turned a billboard into a bedroom and Cadbury’s introduced its first plant-based chocolate bar. It was a week Tory MP Sir Peter Bottomley will be hoping dies down as quickly as possible after he outraged everyone with his ‘grim’ salary claims.


Twitter welcomes the world as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp suffer outage

Twitter definitely enjoyed the extra attention during the outage suffered by Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp this week. 

“Hello literally everyone,” it posted from its Twitter account, winning 2.5million likes and 500,000 retweets from across the world.

Other brands joined in too by replying to Twitter’s tweet. McDonald’s tweeted: “Hi. What can we get you?” and Twitter responded with “59.6m nuggets for my friends”.

Users were looking for updates on when the outage would be over while others just searched for people to confirm that Facebook and its other apps were in fact down. 

Either way – there was one clear winner. And it gots tonnes of action as a result!

Twitter welcomes the world as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp suffer outage

Silentnight turns a billboard into a bedroom

Denise Van Outen had a very unusual wakeup this week – in the centre of a billboard in the middle of Manchester city centre.

The star was neatly tucked up after a good night’s sleep – and was, in fact, suspended on a 6x4m giant billboard alongside boyfriend Eddie Boxshall.

Dreamy Brazen client, Silentnight, created the one-of-a-kind living billboard to highlight that 7 in ten people are sleeping on the wrong mattress. To celebrate the brand’s 75th anniversary, sleepless Brits could sign up to win of hundreds of free mattresses up for grabs. The stunt landed blanket national media coverage and drove mass traffic and sign ups.

Silentnight turns a billboard into a bedroom

Cadbury’s goes plant-based

Chocolate firm Cadbury’s has announced the launch of its first ever plant-based chocolate bar, the Cadbury Plant Bar.

Available from November, the Cadbury Plant Bar will be available in both smooth chocolate and smooth chocolate with salted caramel pieces.

The new chocolate bar is made with a blend of cocoa, almond paste, and rice extract, to deliver chocolate with a smooth texture. The announcement came with a tongue-in-cheek apology that it has taken so long so get this to market.

Cue coverage everywhere…

Cadbury’s goes plant-based


Britain outraged by MP’s claim that his £82K Salary is ‘grim’

Oh Peter…what were you thinking? It was never going to end well, was it? 

Sir Peter Bottomley, MP, claimed this week that he’s no idea how MP’s manage on a ‘grim’ salary of £82,000 a year. Worse still, he announces this on the day that the Government cut the Universal Credit uplift by £20.

Cue the launch of a hundred different tongue-in-cheek JustGiving appeals to buy Sir Peter enough bread and gruel to survive, millions of outraged tweets and more negative news coverage than chippy tea sales on a Friday evening.

It’s a mess, Sir Peter, a damn mess.

Britain outraged by MP’s claim that his £82K Salary is ‘grim’

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