Hails & Fails – September 15th 2023

It’s official, Autumn is here. But while the weather has returned to normal, nothing in PR ever is – and this Hails and Fails is proof! Joie and Manchester City made history with Brazen’s help, Heinz painted the town red and Crocs collaborated with Dreamworks to make a giant splash. Fashion brand Luxe to Kill failed to read the room though…


Joie for Man City Women

Manchester City announced baby gear brand Joie as its official stadium naming partner in a landmark deal for the women’s game. And Brazen was at the helm to steer the campaign to media fame.

To mark this significant milestone for women’s sport, the team cut a giant orange Joie bow wrapping the entire newly-named Joie Stadium, winning blanket coverage for the story across traditional, online and broadcast media right across the world.

Joie for Man City Women

A delicious lick of paint

Home décor brand Lick has partnered with The Kraft Heinz Company to create a ketchup-red paint colour.

Limited edition ‘Red HTK 57’ was made for Heinz Tomato Ketchup enthusiasts, plus homeowners or interior designers looking for inspiration.

The shade has been carefully crafted to achieve the ketchup-red colour we all know and love.

And with red being known to boost appetite and even encourage conversation, we see Heinz drenching the walls of the UK’s kitchens very soon!

A delicious lick of paint

Head ogre heels

Crocs have released a new collab shoe, with the latest creation already creating enough hype to earn itself a nickname. Say hello to… Shrocs!

The limited edition Shrek-themed clogs are swamp green in design with ears, nose and a furry brown strap. And they’re already a massive hit with Croc/Shrek lovers who ran to social media to express their excitement to get their feet on the unusual looking shoe.

No launch date yet though…

Head ogre heels


Tone deaf

TikTok users aren’t happy about a recent promo ad by fashion brand Luxe to Kill.

In a recent video to promote an autumn collection, influencer Madison Sarah holds up a cardboard sign reading ‘NEED MORE MONEY FOR THE FALLEN DROP’ as she struts her stuff in a khaki outfit.

However the comment section seems to believe the idea mocks the homeless who rely on handwritten signs for support.

Brazen’s social team sadly agree.

Tone deaf

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