Hails & Fails – September 8th 2023

Just as we were getting ready for pumpkin spice lattes, autumn jumpers and cosy nights in, a heat-health alert was issued across England as temperatures reached a scorching 32C!

And some of this week’s campaigns are equally hot. So slather on that factor 50 and get ready to feel the heat!

Etihad Airways took our breath away with a stunt, restaurant chain Fenix got Manchester searching for something special and Brazen’s very own Dr. Beckmann launched its new ‘Wear More, Wear Less’ initiative. Unfortunately for vegan charity Viva!, they got a bloody ad banned.


Music impossible

A skydiving orchestra played the iconic Mission Impossible theme tune at 13,000 feet while falling at 120 miles per hour to celebrate the release of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One – a casual day in PR!

Etihad Airways found a group of professional skydivers who also happened to be musicians, to jump out of a plane together.

In a dramatic 45 second film, the orchestra plummets to the ground in perfect synchronisation and harmony. Brilliant!

Music impossible

Mamma Manchester

To celebrate its Manchester opening, Modern Greek-Mediterranean restaurant Fenix is taking the city “on a journey of Greek discovery” with an interactive competition which invites people to track down an ancient Greek stone, hidden in the city centre, for the chance to win an exclusive VIP invite to its launch.

The first images of the hotly anticipated restaurant were shared on Instagram, and it’s safe to say our jaws dropped; with spectacular whitewashed walls and distinctive Greek arches.

A stunning campaign all-round. We will be searching high and low…

Mamma Manchester

Swap till you drop

With more than half of over 45s saying they never wear second-hand items, long running Brazen client Dr. Beckmann opened the doors to its very first pop-up clothing Swap Shop to show the UK how you can revitalise old garments and bring them back to life!

With the help of stylist and TV presenter Lisa Snowdon, crowds of savvy Londoners came down to Oxford Street to learn how to freshen up their wardrobes, with all donations being gifted to charity Save the Children.

Not to mention the clean sweep of coverage secured by Brazen with 40 press hits including 8 nationals!

Swap till you drop


Killer Yoghurt gets killed

An ad featuring a woman eating a “blood flavoured” yoghurt has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Vegan charity Viva! wanted to comment on animal welfare, but its graphic and gory parody of corner-style yoghurts ads was ruled “likely to cause serious and widespread offence”.

In ‘New from Killer Yoghurts’, a woman opens a pot, licks her lips and mixes blood and raw animal organs into it before tucking in. Unsurprisingly, it attracted complaints. Gulp.

Killer Yoghurt gets killed

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