We’re half way through the year – so has the digital agenda changed?

You may recall (below), that in January, we did a series of videos and a slidedeck looking at what kind of things needed to be on your digital agenda this year:

Insight 12 – Digital Predictions for 2012

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Admittedly, some of these weren’t rocket science, but it’s always worth looking back to see what’s changed in the 6 months since we wrote this?

1. Privacy – the treatment of privacy continues to tread a fine line of acceptability as the EU cookie directive kicks in now (June) and Facebook (especially), explores increasingly opt-in-by-default advertising units (sponsored stories) and ponders a browser history-based advertising exchange. We’re still only one step away from a privacy nightmare so there’s time yet!

2. Portable Friends – the main proponent of this merging of all your social interactions with your phonebook was the Windows Mobile which according to Gartner has grown 450% YoY. Whilst a slick UI and decent Nokia phone certainly helps – I can’t help thinking that a friend/social centricv approach to mobile OS’s is going to be the way forward – rather than an app for every network.

3. Platform Management – If 2011 was the year that social media monitoring matured (with the acquisition of Radian6 by Salesforce for $326m) then 2012 has confirmed that this was the year the social media management platforms. So what’s changed? Salesforce acquired Buddy Media for $689m in June this year – that’s what! Adobe also got in on the act by launching its Adobe Social product an all-in-one ad and content management platform. Interesting how nobody has bought Hootsuite yet though!

4. Social CRM – the fact that the King of CRM, Salesforce bought Buddymedia speaks volumes for where CRM is going. In my original presentation I referenced a plugin to salesforce that assigned a contact’s Facebook profile (where available) to the other information held about that person. I’d expect it to take another 9 months at least before the integration sees the light of day but the first move has been made.

5. Legal – in my presentation I made the point about the legal rules governing media being nowhere-near relevant or adapting quickly enough for the fast-paced digital age. We are in an era where the creativity pushes boundaries – but not legal ones, tolerance ones. How much can one individual tolerate the use of their personal data in promoting something they only have a feint association with. Now though, with the very recent censoring of Nike as a result of the Wayne Rooney tweet, the law is beginning to show its teeth and relevance – suggesting that actually any and all online content is absolutely covered by existing law. Libel is still libel. Covert messaging is still covert messaging and the missuse of data is still as applicable online as it is offline.

I suspect that the laws still have some way to go before they catch up withi the pace of change in relation to Facebook’s use of data but it feels that clarity of the law’s stance is emerging.

So, 5 out of 10 in 6 months isn’t bad…and Social TV is so, so close…

So what do you think is missing? What else do you see on the horizon?

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