This week Brazen director, Sasha Marks, penned a really great, jam-packed PR report into how brands can ‘Survive and Thrive’ during and after this time of crisis. You can find it on its own landing page on our website here if you want a read.

In brief, the report pulls together all the latest stats, facts, real life examples and expert advice about how brands can cope now, then move through, the ‘New World’ we find ourselves in, and we hope it’ll help you make a solid, positive game-plan for a speedy recovery post Covid.


We’re urging brands not to fall silent. We know it’s human nature to clam up when things get tough, but now isn’t the time for brands to stop communicating with their customers. People need to be reassured, feel valued, talked to, understood and helped more than ever. And people also want to be given hope and joy – and be entertained! It can’t all be doom and gloom.


As part of our report, we’re offering free Covid-19 crisis PR counsel sessions to businesses or individuals who need guidance in forming their PR, marketing and communications recovery plans, so if you’d like to, please do pick up the phone and get in touch, we’d love to help you.


Because we at Brazen (just like all PR agencies out there) are finding the crisis really tough. But we’re holding true to our company purpose and it’s helping us to stay focussed and strong as a team. Our company purpose is ‘To Be Great, Do Great & Feel Great’.


It means that we strive to be the greatest we can be as humans, colleagues and professionals; do great work for our clients and community at large; and to feel great too – so we focus a lot on our team’s wellbeing and mental health.


So, with our company purpose in mind, we’d like to pledge 10% of all new client fees we’re lucky enough to take on during this crisis to NHS Charities Together. And we want to thank our clients and our community, because we feel really, really privileged to be here.




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