How Does PR Work?

So I hop out of bed, fresh as a daisy after eight hours sleep, have a nutritious breakfast of oats and honey, before pulling on a freshly ironed shirt and heading out.

After I arrive at the office (early) I sit back, soak it all up and I think to myself

Hugh, you are the man – a modern day Edward Bernays. And today, you are going to take another little trip to Coverage City.

All that positive thinking kind of stuff.

Anyway, within a few minutes, my colleagues, who are coming up to me telling me how great I did yesterday, pull me out of my Zen like state.

You kind of get used to it after I while I guess.

Then the day begins. I read the paper, and share my findings with the rest of the agency. I always make sure I give some additional insight I feel the journalist has missed – my PR motto is ‘If you want to get coverage, you’ve got to think like a journalist’ – neat, huh?

Next, I do the rounds, and speak with my pals in the media. In short, I tell them about what my client is up to, and get them to put it in the paper – it’s so straightforward I sometimes think

Should I even be getting paid for this?

Of course, journalists are busy people, and it might take an email to get through to them. Not a problem, I just type one out and click ‘send’ – job done.

Next: lunchtime! Usually I have a salad or lentils or something, and will try and squeeze in a quick workout if I’m not schmoozing my aforementioned media mates. Compromise is key in PR, but so is looking fit.

By this point I’m itching to get back to it. Back at my desk, perhaps I’ll drop the client a note – it’s always good to check in on them and see if they’re okay. After all, we’re all on this journey together, right?

Sometimes we’ll have an internal meeting or brainstorm session. I love these – they give me the chance to really unleash my creative potential and drive the accounts forward. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve come up with the idea, I really have.

After I’ve torn it up there, it’s time to liaise with the media again, or as it’s affectionately known in the office: ‘making calls’.

Me – “Hi, it’s Hugh.”

Journalist – “Hey buddy – don’t worry I’ll slot you in.”

Me – “Coolio – don’t mention it – see you around.”

Wow, so quick and easy I hear you say. Damn straight.

Before I know it, it’s time to wrap it all up. I’ll quickly let my managers know about how successful my day has been, lap up their praise, and be on my way.

You hear some people complain about being a PR Account Executive. I don’t know what they’re on about.

*As imagined by Hugh Thomas – for the real story, you can find Hugh at The Castle Pub in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, drowning his sorrows on a nightly basis

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