How to throw a sensational launch party

Manchester was once again voted the most liveable city in the UK by ‘Global Liveability Index’, beating the likes of great cities such as Liverpool, Newcastle and even the UK capital, London. The reason for this? Other than its growing cultural scene, Manchester has one of the most vibrant food and drink offerings in the UK, growing rapidly by the month.

This season Manchester has served up a euphoric buffet of new bars and restaurants including Three Little Words, Firefly, Cultureplex, BLVD and the fashionable refurbishment of The Lowry Hotel’s River Restaurant.


These launches all had similar things in common. An abundance of glamour, entertainment like no other and a red carpet of VIP guests including celebrities, media and influencers.


Manchester is known for its buzzing nightlife. You could say bars within the city are like buses, there’s always another one coming around the corner. So, with the congestion of new, fancy bars and restaurants popping up around Manchester, how do these establishments stay fresh and secure longevity in a city with such an infectious buzz? Well that’s simple, host a spectacular VIP launch party.


A launch party is the birth of a new bar or restaurant, think of it as an introduction into the city’s scintillating scene. Get it right, and you’re bound to excite. Get it wrong, you probably have a good two or three months of dishing out fancy cocktails and food until you’re quickly forgotten about.


Here’s the top three tips to guarantee a successful night.


   1.  GUESTS

We live in a society in which we are heavily influenced, whether that’s through what we wear, where we holiday or where we choose to take our fancy cocktail pictures. So, making sure to invite the most influential people of the city guarantees an irresistible excitement for your bar and restaurant.


Know your audience and make sure your guestlist is bespoke by mirroring it to the demographic of the type of crowd you’re hoping to appeal to. By doing this you will guarantee imminent success and become the new hotspot in the city.







The American food writer, M.F.K Fisher once said, “First we eat, then we do everything else”. Use your launch as a taster of things to come, a sumptuous selection of appetizers and speciality cocktails will guarantee your guestlist don’t leave unhappy and head straight to the nearest kebab shop.


So, whet your guest’s appetites and showcase what you’re all about and I can assure you, it’ll keep them coming back for more.





Provide a menu of musical entertainment to celebrate your opening party in style. Offering attendees the perfect mixture of live music to visually pleasing entertainment cements a great picture for Instagram. Think a girl band of stylish, city drag queens or attractive dancers in fashionably painted bodysuits with fishbowls on their heads. The key is to be talked about for weeks to come, so as Ru Paul would say, “don’t f*** it up!”.


So, with 2020 just around the corner, there will be a catalogue of VIP extravaganzas waiting to happen. Stand out from the crowd and follow the three essential rules and fingers crossed, your launch party may just break the internet.



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Kristian Brennan