How to turbocharge your PR strategy with digital

At Brazen we have an ever-growing team of digital PR specialists alongside our superstar traditional PR team, who work together to generate meaningful and measurable results for our clients.

If you’ve invested in tech SEO to optimise your website, you should consider aligning and amplifying it with digital PR SEO if you want people to find it – think of it as techy SEO getting your website ready with content and keywords and digital PR SEO as front of house, directing people in via outreach and link building.

We loved hearing about the intersection between PR and SEO at the recent PR Moment webinar which was packed with nuggets of information from industry experts.

Here are our key take outs from the event, and why, if you’re not considering digital as part of your PR strategy, then you really should:

1. It is fully measurable

One of the very best things about digital PR is just how easy it is to measure.

From traffic to site, direct sales, database sign ups and increased Google rankings, whatever the objective there is a clear way to measure success with direct attribution – which is just the way we like it.

2. It doesn’t have to be all singing and dancing

We certainly love a flashy campaign (who doesn’t?), but there’s a common misconception with digital PR that to get strong results you must go down the route of building expensive on-site content. That’s not the case, as Chloe Hutcherson noted that ‘steady performer’ tactics build sustainability with SEO.

This was music to our ears, as something we focus a lot of our attention on at Brazen is our Newsroom reactive service (hello regular, quick wins), that delivers real results time after time.

3. Make it evergreen!

You can also ensure any campaigns are evergreen, repeating seasonally or annually depending on the scope.

This means we aren’t wasting time and budget on a campaign that is only going to deliver for a short period of time. Plus, updating content and continuing to drive links to a specific page is a big tick for SEO – happy days.

4. Balance, baby

PR works best when there is a balance of being front of mind and good search visibility, so it makes sense that you will need to combine traditional brand building with securing links to maximise your audience opportunities.

Considering digital PR as an add on no longer works – it needs to be built in from the start.

5. Reverse plan

With traditional PR we need to build campaigns from scratch to align to brand objectives, but with digital you can look at it back to front, starting with what you already have ready and waiting to drive links to.

6. But what does Google actually want?

Google takes a number of different things into consideration when looking at what makes a good backlink profile, but it’s becoming clear that variance and relevance are two ruling factors.

A cleverly thought-out strategy is a must to ensure you aren’t just ‘doing digital’ for digital sake.

There we have it, six solid reasons you should be considering digital PR for 2023.

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