Why the iPhone has boosted shoe sales

For years my parents told me that my unerring interest in video games and computers would mean I would end up unloved and on the chubby side.

Thanks mum and dad.

They always had a way with words.

But, despite what my lying toe-rag of a full-length mirror was telling me on a daily basis back in the day, I never really paid much attention to this sobering parental wisdom.

I mean, just one more bag of Doritos and another level of MarioKart couldn’t hurt that much could it?

Well, yes, as it turns out, it could.

But, as it turns out, that technology so feared by my parents, could actually be the reason why so many of us are getting out and about more than we did a decade ago.

Check this out:

This graph, lifted directly from Google Trends, proves that, certainly in recent times, interest in shoes and laptop computers has been going in different directions.

As smartphones take over the world, interest in laptops declines and, interestingly, our fascination with shoes increases.

More interest in shoes means either women are taking over the world or we’re exercising more and therefore wearing our shoes out quicker.

The fact that interest in shoes is also buoyed by declining laptop sales means we’re fully embracing the mobile revolution or we can’t bear playing Angry Birds without wearing our Jimmy Choos.

We’re obviously out there, doing stuff, staying trim, burning calories while we’re on our smartphones.

This is not up for discussion. It is cold, hard fact*. Statistics** are there to reinforce my theory. I’m not listening…la la la la la.

Who’d have thought that tiny little iPhone in your pocket would be responsible for an increase in shoe sales? Wonder how many shares in Clarks Steve Jobs owned

* This may be a lie.

** Statistics may have been bent and manipulated

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