Metrics that Matter in social media

I’m dead keen on evolving metrics when it comes to social media. Not just because i’m personally interested in stats, but because the real benefit to social media is not being shown by the scattergun approach to metrics that most people use.

So when the Headstream Top 100 Social Brands report came out, I was less interested in the people who were in it than I was the methodology. The guys at both Brandwatch and Headstream have done a really good job in boiling the plethora of metrics down to what I believe are really only the ones that matter. The only criticism i’d have is in the sourcing of the master list of brands in the first place – user generated. In one regard, a social brand will have strong recall, but wouldn’t a tool that can be totally relied upon have pulled those same brands out anyway?

They’ve put together a really nice presentation outlining the methodology below:

Social Brands 100 Methodology explained


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