The month when calorie counting went out of the window

Gluttony, it’s one of the seven deadly sins.

But, where charity is involved, it’s fine to indulge yourself every day of the week. And that’s exactly what each and every one of us did at Brazen.

The agency has been celebrating the month of October by eating baked goods. Basically, it’s been one extended sugar rush.

The month goes by the name of Caketober. Its purpose is in aid of the charity, Forever Manchester which raises money to support the people in our local community.

Since 1st October, our ovens have been working overtime and our appetites were pushed to the limit, we’ve seen some sublime baking skills on show too.

A particular highlight was by Brazen’s Sophie, who produced a well-executed TIERED carrot cake that even her Royal Highness Mary Berry would have been proud of.

Elsewhere, I got my knickers in a twist over the most basic of baking recipes, cookies. The rock salt seemed like a good idea at the time. However, it didn’t stop the vultures in the office from circling.

Throughout the process we’ve raised a respectable £40. For a health conscious bunch, we don’t think that’s too bad.

The proceeds will help the disadvantaged in Brazen’s beloved home city. And for us, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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