How do you PR Donald Trump?

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

As Donald Trump continues to celebrate his presidential triumph in Washington DC, over in New York the skyscraper that once asserted his authority over the city has become a pilgrimage site for protestors.

The Donald’s transition from brash businessman to credible POTUS can’t be easy when his name is emblazoned on a 58-storey, 664ft high golden tower.

Once his ultimate branding, Trump Tower is now, perhaps, his biggest weakness. From a no-fly zone, to armed military guard, and a blockade of trucks, it’s now being described as a ‘fortress’ by the media.

It has already seen an angry mob of thousands, led by Lady Gaga, descend on the Fifth Avenue residence to cries of ‘Trump’s not my president’.

So from the Trump Tower to his hotels dotted around the globe – each kitted out with a gaudy gold bathroom as per Donald’s request – how does the king of brash now PR himself and his Trump Organisation to become the well-respected humble leader of the free world?

New Year, New Image?

The D-day to de-bling the Trump Empire is surely set for his January inauguration. So, that just leaves his portfolio of global hotels, a handful of extravagant casinos and around twenty golf courses – no mean feat.

It certainly looks like the wheels are already in motion – the Trump Organisation has announced it is now in the ‘blind trust’ of his eldest three children. Distance means decorum, it seems.

With the controversy surrounding the Electoral College, and with exit polls indicating The Donald is the least popular US presidential candidate of all time it is clearly time for a much-needed PR overhaul.

It certainly looked like his multi-million pound Trump Organisation had taken note when it launched the first ‘Trump’ hotel venture not to bear the Trump name – instead, choosing to call it Scion.

But maybe not.

In true defiant Donald manner, just last month he cut the ribbon on the $200 million Trump International Hotel just blocks away from his new humble abode – the White House.

Although the novelty of staying in the President’s hotel might be PR worthy, lining the president’s pockets on your Washington DC stay seems the height of distastefulness. Alternatively, his supporters might argue, it’s the perfect example of living the American dream.

With Muslims, Hispanics and women being amongst the first to boycott the brand, and no clear plans to de-chintz his questionable character, it seems that the Reality TV star really wants to test-drive the sentiment ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’.

One thing is for certain his personal and business PR office is in for an interesting ride.

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