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PR’s love to get their creative juices flowing and brainstorming ideas together. Bouncing big, crazy and seemingly impossible ideas about are often what make for the most daring and fun campaigns. How else are you going to get your audience talking?

Now we’re half way through the year, we’ve taken a look at some of the best and most impressive PR stunts to date:

Cancer Research UK: Make Charity Contactless

Earlier this year, Cancer Research UK installed 10 smart benches across London on World Cancer Day, to allow passersby to donate £2 to the charity with a touch of their card. As the first charity to go contactless, this stunt pulls at heartstrings and cleverly capitalizes on the movement of modern technology.

Chicago Town: Epic Takeaway

Back in March, our very own Brazen team pulled off a bold stunt in the most remote location in the UK, where the only way you can get there is by boat or air travel, and why? Because everyone deserves pizza! The team successfully delivered over 200 boxes of Chicago Town takeaway pizza by helicopter so the residents of Knoydart could enjoy the fresh taste of takeaway.

Paramount: Baywatch goes slow Mo

Ever fancied yourself a movie star? Well Paramount gave thousands of people the chance to join the cast of the new Baywatch film to celebrate its release and take part in the world’s first slow-mo marathon, shown off by a well-executed and comical video.

Nescafe: Hello Bench

Now everyone’s eyes are glued to their smartphones, Nescafe had the perfect way to bring people closer in an unexpected way – by literally creating a shrinking bench. As soon as two people took a seat, sensors on the bench activated and brought the people closer together

Samsung: Prettiest sight in UK

Samsung set out to find the most breathtaking sights of the UK in April to celebrate the launch of the new S8, by installing a giant model of the new product in the places voted in the top 20. Not only did it show off the new display, but it let the public have fun by joining I, taking photos and creating memories

Here are our five tips for a successful PR stunt:

1. Be daring and be bold

Don’t be afraid to speak up even if you think the idea sounds silly. The most daring and bold stunts can be sparked from a simple lightbulb moment in the brain.

2. Plan

Planning makes perfect. Make sure you have every detail covered, from knowing the news agenda at the time, what’s on in the calendar and everyone knows their roles.

3. Make it shine

In a world where technology is constantly developing, think about how you can enhance the story. Videos, live streams and infographics are new ways of capturing attention and creating conversation in real time.

4. Traditional VS Social Media

Think strategically. Know your contacts and know your audience. Which route do you want to take to break the story – will it be traditional PR and hitting the phones at the crack of dawn to the newsdesks or scheduled and timely planning to show off your stunt on social channels.

5. Cool, calm and collected

Last but not least, always be prepared to tackle the behind the scenes actions in a cool, calm and collected manner. Never, ever run – and girls, wear flat shoes!

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