PR Trends 2023

The PR landscape in 2023 – what the f*ck is happening?

So, we’ve just swerved a recession. Happy days.

And I’ve just been nominated as a Young Communicator of the Year (shameless plug).

So, what better time, I thought, than to communicate some industry insights? I was recently invited to a PR Week Breakfast Briefing to hear about the challenge of authentic comms in the ever-shifting PR landscape, and how to navigate the choppy waters of 2023.

Here’s my roundup of the top tips and tricks for PR agency life in the coming year, alongside key 2023 PR trends: –

Pitch for a price

The cost of living is definitely a permanent focus for most media, with many publications setting up dedicated reporters to cover the ongoing crisis at the end of 2022.

When selling in a client’s service, as PR experts we should ensure more premium products, packages and brands are appropriately pitched.

There’s a temptation to add ‘budget spin’ onto everything you do as PRs, and while it may be relevant for many of your clients, both the media and consumers will see straight through any false positioning.

Listen up, we mean it

Audience insights have always been central to great PR ideas, but even though lockdown may be a distant memory for many, consumer trends are still reeling from the disruption.

Don’t make assumptions about a brand’s demographic – their wants and needs can change at the speed of light in the new world, so you need to stay nimble in your thinking at all times.

Data is king

Post pandemic, many brands have become more open to PR spend. PR is all about building trust, and trust is a key focus for consumers in 2023.

If you’re pitching PR to a client that only has marketing experience, you must back up your plans with data, hard metrics and objectives. Success comes from moving the dial, but you need to be on the same page as your client about when and how that’s happening.


Elements like broadcast, social media and influencers can make or break a campaign, and if you want to be in the former camp – make them a core part of your central campaign idea.

Throwing in ‘amplifications’ as bolt on packages might give you a quick win, but if you want to succeed long term you need to apply an equal amount of strategy to social and influencers as you do to PR campaigns.

Human to human comms

People notice people over brands, so if you want to keep your clients relevant in 2023, finding human stories to showcase your work is crucial.

The days of Rent-a-Celeb are well and truly dead.

Not only can people see straight through brand fluff, they delight in naming and shaming – so keep your audience engaged by working with quality talent on authentic partnerships.

It’s good to talk

Talk regularly to your clients. Don’t hide behind emails and whatsapps.

It sounds obvious, but it’s quite common that agencies only speak to their clients during regularly scheduled team catch ups. Regularity of contact that’s not formalised is key.

In other words, pick up the bloody phone.

And it’s not just on the account lead who should be doing this, every member of your team should be engaging regularly with their counterpart on the client side – working to resolve issues organically and become a seamless extension of the team.

When we say jump, you say…

Agencies pride themselves on being nimble and reactive in their thinking but established brands don’t always have that ability.

It’s not uncommon for agencies to receive briefs that are based on older insights, pre pandemic thinking and hazy objectives.

For success in 2023, don’t be afraid to challenge your client. Challenge their brief, interrogate their objectives and push them to re-examine everything they know.

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