#PRLife Begins

“Oh I love my job, literally I live and breathe my career”… said every young professional ever.

We should probably begin by introducing ourselves (not Brazen because you’ll obviously have heard of us). No, ourselves as in Megan McGonigle and Sophie Smith—senior account executives at Brazen in Manchester.

We genuinely love our jobs. So we decided to prove it.

You might have heard the big idea already, but if not, here’s a quick summary:

It all started with a catch up over a glass of wine (as all genius ideas do). We were discussing how we could, technically, survive on our client’s products alone.

We’ve got everything from canned meat to underwear, toothpaste to Swedish cider. And then it occurred to us; why not put the theory into practice? As PRs we’re do-ers so, why don’t we take on the challenge?

We’ve decided to live and breathe our jobs for real, so we’re sleeping in our office for one whole week. Yep, you heard us: 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, 604,800 seconds of all things Brazen. Not only that; we’ll be existing using only Brazen client products for that entire week.

Every good PR knows that Public Relations starts at home: if you don’t know how great your clients are, then how is the rest of the world supposed to?

We’re already big fans of Pilgrims Choice cheese, Imperial Leather and all our other clients but it’s time to take that to the extreme and do some state-of-the-art PR-ing.

We’ll also be showing off our super social skills and not just the networking kind. You can follow our journey on Twitter, Instagram and the Google Hangout we’re hosting with Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter (she’ll be popping into the office to share some #PRLife time with us) as well as here on the Brazen blog.

‘Sounds nuts’, we hear you say. Nope, our clients are awesome, and we’re going to have a top-notch week.
Watch this space…

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