The phenomenon of the ‘selfie’ has truly escalated in 2013. Don’t believe me? Have a quick look at Kelly Brook’s twitter or ‘queen of selfies’ Rihanna’s Instagram account.

Hold your camera phone arms length away, smile and, boom, you have yourself a selfie (My God, Kelly Brook’s arm must be aching!)

It is a trend that you will either find completely nauseating or you are more than happy to partake in.

Me and my dear flat mate have recently taken to referring to ‘self-PR’ when seeing a shameless selfie on Facebook or an over-the-top ‘look at me I’m happy’ tweet. ‘Self PR’ is my new favourite term…it’s as if we all think of ourselves as famous.

But what’s more, it really does have an impact.

Take my flatmate for example…since seeing selfies of our friend loving life, living in Barcelona, she is in a constant panic that she is not ‘seeing the world’ and travelling ‘gap yah’ style! Never mind a highflying career and a flat in central Manchester (with a fantastic housemate of course).

In retaliation, we will probably spend Friday night taking photos on Instagram of ourselves with weird and wonderful cocktails in hand #sexandthecity #cosmopolitan.

A selfie is the average person’s favourite PR tool and we all succumb eventually, like it or not.

Just don’t take too many…please…I’m talking to you Kelly Brook.

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