Social Soundbite – 23 July

Top 3 Social Media Stories this week


When one scandal blows over, another is never far behind. Facebook has suspended Boston-based data analytics firm Crimson Hexagon which claims to have access to over 1 trillion consumer conversations – whilst there’s no signs of any wrongdoing just yet, they’ve been suspended ‘pending further investigation’. The firm counts government agencies from the United States, Turkey and Russia among its clients and monitors public sentiment through the collection of information from public profiles, however it could go a long way to remind us all to be careful about what we post on a public forum.


Whilst we’ve always had the ability to easily unfollow people on Instagram, the platform is testing a new feature to give users greater control over who follows them. Private profiles have always had full control over allowing access to their profile, but Android users with public profiles are currently seeing the option to remove followers in just a few taps. Removing a follower is a little less in your face or harsh as blocking them, but the steps are finally bringing the platform more in line with the level of control that we see from parent company Facebook.


If like us, you scroll through your social media channels like you’re reading the morning paper, then Instagram’s newest feature is made for you. The platform will soon notify you when you’ve seen everything posted by the users you follow within the past 48 hours, helping users avoid pointless scrolling and possibly encouraging the use of the ‘explore’ function if users are still hungry for more content. With no news on the release date just yet, we’re interested to see how this could affect average time spent on the platform.


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