Terry’s rallying cry back fires

IF ANY England footballer needs good PR right now, it’s John Terry.

You’d expect someone whose name is often prefixed, albeit often in jest, by England’s Brave (i.e. England’s Brave John Terry), to not only give their all for the cause, but also stand firmly behind their team-mates (unless their girlfriends are present, of course) and the manager of the England team.

Not this John, it seems.

What should an England captain, or even former England captain, do when the team’s back is against the wall and criticism is coming down on the beleaguered football giants like Manchester rain in autumn?

Tell you what John, why don’t you use a press conference in front of the world’s media to sew the seeds of a players’ revolt in the England camp and suggest to the massed journalists that Fabio’s grand plan for World Cup glory is fatally flawed?

Why don’t you suggest that the players, the very people who couldn’t muster a single breath of passion for their beloved England against lowly Algeria on Friday night, know better than Fabio and that you’re all going to confront him and tell him exactly what you think?

And while you’re at it, you may as well ask Mrs Cappello out for a date.

The nation shuddered at John Terry’s sheer arrogance on Sunday. World Cup related blogs have been filled with nothing but contempt for the one-time English Captain ever since.

Someone should have a word in John Terry’s ear. This is the World Cup sir, not some missing chapter from Shakespeare’s Othello. You are John Terry not Iago, for goodness sake.

Ever heard the phrase divide and conquer, John? It’s what enemies usually aim to do on the battlefield, or cynical businessmen intent on causing confusion in a multinational boardroom just before they let loose a hostile takeover.

You’ve done it to your own team. Your own team-mates. Your own manager. Your own country.

You should be bloody ashamed of yourself John.

If there’s dirty washing to clean, do it in the privacy of the team hotel. Behind closed doors. Somewhere, anywhere, out of earshot of the world’s press.

Hear that noise, John? That’s the rest of the world laughing at England’s insistence on pushing the self-destruct button. Even the French are giggling.

Now’s the time to shut your mouth and do your talking on the pitch. This isn’t a matter of life and death. It’s far more important than that.

Remember Waterloo? Remember the Somme?

Remember who you are representing John


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