The day I realised I was a true Brazen Account Executive

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Just over four months ago, I started at Brazen, and although I have a degree in Journalism and experience in the industry, I feel I have already learnt so many new skills since starting here.

The beauty of being a Brazen beginner is the vast amount of knowledge and experience you acquire in such a short amount of time. There is one day I recall in particular, that made me sit back and realise that I was suddenly a fully-fledged account executive…

It was the beginning of the week, and my colleague Rebecca and I set off on a journey to Lewisham, full of excitement and anticipation. We were on our way to attend another new store launch. The team had worked really hard selling in to the local media, and the social team had set up locally targeted social ads, so we were expecting a queue.

We always launch stores with a bang here at Brazen, making sure we put on a show for the local community, every launch we do there are activities such as; complimentary hot chocolate, stilt walkers and prizes for the first 100 customers through the door.  Those tactics always help to get the local community behind the brand and ensure a long queue for the opening.

We always plan for all eventualities at a store launch, as the day is so in the moment. Within minutes of the store opening, it became immediately busier than anyone could have expected. The store instantly filled with enthusiastic customers waving their vouchers and eagerly filling their shopping baskets.

We’re taught here at Brazen, to remain calm under pressure, and act like a graceful swan on the surface- although we may be paddling like crazy underneath the water!

At one point, the stall of 1,000 branded cupcakes ran out within half an hour, and we had to react quickly and before anybody noticed and speedily had another batch ordered on the way. We communicated well as a team, and solved these problems, all while engaging with clients and customers with a smile.

After such a busy day, it wasn’t time to put our feet up just yet, as we hopped on a train for the next half of our busy Brazen day. Our next stop was London, to visit some key consumer journalists and showcase our client’s new look books.

For me media visits were an incredible learning curve, it was such a pleasure to finally meet my contacts face-to-face and build an even stronger rapport.

Rebecca and I managed to navigate ourselves all over London with not even a hiccup, gaining an understanding of each of the journalist’s favourite products from the look book, and discussing their up and coming projects for the year.

As the day came to an end, I was feeling slightly overwhelmed with such an eventful day, however I could not wipe the smile off my face! In just one day I felt I had grown and learnt so much and enjoyed every second of it.

Perhaps, this means I’m not such a Brazen beginner after all.

Here’s my top tips for being a Brazen exec:

  • Act like a swan
  • Plan, plan & plan a bit more
  • Have suppliers contact details to hand
  • Always try and get to meet your contacts
  • It’s never too early to start your own little black book of suppliers and journalists

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