“Get your bum in the air and your head down to the ground!”


Not the sort of thing you hear being shouted at you every day at work, but this was no normal day.


As part of our Year of Wellbeing we were treated to a session at Yoga Life in Altrincham where we were put through our paces on the mat and, for some of us, getting into a downward dog was the most we could manage.


The hot power yoga session was the finale of a great couple of hours meditating and talking about our wellbeing.



Sounds a bit hippy dippy?!


Well, while it does sound like that, we actually learnt some great techniques to ease stress and check in with ourselves.


One of the key things I took out of the day was we’re all responsible for our own stress levels and it’s up to us to choose how we react to things. What also hit home was how lucky we really are and how we should remind ourselves of that and not always think the grass is greener.


Not always easy when you have other people’s perfect looking insta-ready lives shining out of social media at us, but we were told that earning £15-20k a year puts us in the top 20% of the wealthiest people in the world, everyone has a roof over their head, friends, family, health, a full time job and a future that we’re 100% in control of ourselves.



Easier said than done sometimes, but if we remember how lucky we are everyday and choose to react calmly when a client is tricky, a journalist won’t cover your story and your social media content isn’t getting any engagement, then our wellbeing can only get better everyday.


Sun Salutation A


Start your day with 10 mins practising this sun salutation to start your day in the best possible way. Do it before any food, coffee, emails or TV and at the end just sit cross legged and visualise how your day is going to unfold and what you want to achieve to set you up ready to take on the world!


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