Want the best reach for your Facebook content?

Want the best reach for your Facebook content? Follow these simple tips!

Achieving decent organic reach on Facebook is somewhat of an enigma to social media marketers. Facebook constantly changes the goal posts, which means that paid reach is a more feasible option to reach a larger number of people at once… but organic reach is still just as important!

Here’s how to stand out in a crowded market

Create content that isn’t time sensitive…

Where possible, using copy and imagery that don’t reference a time period will ensure more relevancy to the audience for longer. This therefore increases the chances of higher engagement.

The more engagement your content gains the greater the reach and the greater chance of appearing in additional timelines.

Quality over quantity…

Stats show that Facebook will only show 300 out of 1,500 post to users. The key, therefore, isn’t to invest time into pumping out content, but to nurture each post, making sure it’s engaging and relevant to your audience. Use a mixture of links, images, and video content to retain interest and keep content varied.

Typically, two posts per day is best practice: anymore than will achieve very little.

Post at off-peak times…

Posting at times when everyone else is posting means your content has less chances of being seen as the market is being flooded.

Look at your Facebook Insights to find when your fans are most active, cross reference with when your competitors are scheduling their content, and work out a time that’s somewhere in between. This will be more beneficial to your audience, and for you, since your content has a higher probability of being viewed. Overall, this will reflect positively in your reach.

Use content types that resonate with by your audience…

Use your Facebook data to find what works best for them. Do they prefer links, video, imagery, infographics, or GIFs? Use this information and build it into your strategy: your fans are more likely to engage with something they like, which means that testing and learning each form of content is crucial.

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