That was the week in digital – 25th May 2012

[INNOVATION] Pint glass QR code only visible when glass is full of Guinness unveiled

Just a very smart idea. Not sure how practical it would be long-term. “Oi did you spill my pint”…

[SOCIAL MEDIA] BBC News – Barcelona uses new media to sell its brand to fans

Good look at how Barcelona is kind of reversing the sales funnel. They know fans LOVE the brand, they just need to channel that in to sales. Most brands need to find the fans and convince them to love them!

[STUNT] Fiat pulls prank on its rival Volkswagen – parking new model outside its HQ as Google street view camera car drives past | Mail Online

Fantastic stunt where Fiat race ahead of the Google Streetview car to park a new Fiat 500 outside the VW headquarters as it drives past


Social media is creating a huge headache for customer service teams. How do businesses need to prepare their customer service people for this incredibly fast-moving space?

[NEWS, FUTURE] Head of Time Warner Cable Is Unfamiliar With Apple’s AirPlay

Airplay is the ability to stream content from your iphone or ipad (and Mac) to your TV. The Head of Time Warner’s cable division hadn’t heard of it. Oops.

[FACEBOOK, INFOGRAPHIC] If Facebook Ran Newsfeed Ads – AllFacebook

So, if Facebook rolled out in-stream advertising (which allows you to pay to have your status update guaranteed to be in your friends’ news stream), they’d make about $3.5bn more per year!

[HOW TO, FACEBOOK] how to obtain a Facebook Page RSS with the new Timeline? – Stack Overflow

Bit geeky this, but when Facebook stopped allowing you to subscribe to a Page’s update via RSS feed, it made it much harder to track what was happening on your page if you weren’t watching it in real-time. This bit of geekyness resolves all that!

[FACEBOOK] GM to Stop Advertising on Facebook

So, as the world prepared for the $100bn IPO of Facebook, all fuelled by advertising, GM makes a statement that they have pulled all their FB ads. Mistake? Do they know something the rest fo the world doesn’t?!

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